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4 types of people critical to movements

Here are 4 types of people critical to any kind of movement, whether it’s a scalable startup or a disciple-making movement: Early Adopters – the people who are already seeking what is being offered, and willing to take a minimum viable product: anything … Continue reading

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The “heresy” or “wrong knowledge” objection to movements

One of the challenges that crops up from time to time is what I refer to as the ‘heresy’ or ‘wrong knowledge’ objection. It comes in a variety of forms: How do you know these people are getting taught the … Continue reading

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David Broodryk has written a good small piece…

David Broodryk has written a good small piece on what a movement is at http://davidbroodryk.org/index.php/blog/53-what-is-a-movement. I, too, think of a movement not in terms of a “black-and-white definition” but rather core concepts that help to identify the “fuzzy boundaries” that … Continue reading

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If groups only multiply in the first 4 years, then

Many involved in group multiplication have told me most groups have a limited lifespan for multiplying new groups. If one group is going to help start another group, it usually happens in the first 1 to 2 years, with steadily decreasing odds … Continue reading

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Quantity of workers is a vanity metric

There are a huge number of peoples and places that are unengaged by the Gospel. The answer is often cited as “Pray for workers for the harvest.” And this is right – we should pray this prayer. We are commanded … Continue reading

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Inviting them in vs. them inviting you in

There are two ways for the Gospel to flow: you invite people to church, or the people to invite the church (a la you) to them. When you invite them into church, there’s a limit to how much of their … Continue reading

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Field Lessons Learned: Max Group Size, Max Movement Size, Leaving Soon

At ActBeyond’s recent Global Strategy Group, a few key lessons learned and reshared: 1. The maximum size of the group is the size in which every group member can participate, answering all of the Bible Study questions. 2. The maximum … Continue reading

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Part of the challenge when talking about, thinking about, describing and measuring church planting movements (also called disciple making movements, CPMs/DMMs), is defining them. Many different definitions are floating around. When most practitioners speak of “movements,” they do not mean “we added … Continue reading

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Movements need the people skills of introverts

Just because you’re an “introvert” doesn’t mean you’re off the hook or unimportant to God’s work in the world. Introverts have critical skills needed to expand the Kingdom. I max the Myers-Briggs introversion scale. I’m an introvert. Being an introvert isn’t the … Continue reading

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