#193—28 February 2020
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March 5, 2020: "Finding God Prepared People--How miracles and prayer open communities."

From day one movements have testified that God opens communities through signs and wonders, miracles and prayer. We often see in the book of Acts that people come to faith in Christ after seeing prayers answered and miracles performed. How willing are we, especially in the U.S., to believe that God could open up communities to receive the Gospel through miracles and healings? In this Nugget Training, we’ll look at Scripture and hear stories of how God is using miracles and prayer to help his Church find God prepared people. Entire communities can become open to the Gospel as we listen to the Spirit and follow his lead. This is a key aspect of disciple making movements built on the foundation of extraordinary prayer. Praying big prayers and trusting God to move is a great first step in entering communities, and this training will demonstrate why and how miracles and prayer can open the door to sharing the Gospel.

March 12-14, 2020: The DMM Summit in Wheaton, IL is a conference where you can learn more about movements and key principles you can apply in your own ministry context. Several field practitioners will be present. Check it out at www.dmmsummit.org!

New Events

… dominating all the writing and headlines, again ...

The live tracker is here.
… slight leveling off in deaths in mainland China cases, slight rise in other places.
… Coronavirus does not yet meet the definition of a pandemic - Axios

Experimental treatment being tested - Reuters  

Economist: The Virus is Coming - Link
… 25 to 70% of any infected population will catch the disease
… 80% mild, 15% need treatment in hospital, 5% will require intensive care
… “10X as lethal as flu, the death toll worldwide could be in the millilons”
… BUT: flu mortality is 0.1%. 10X is 1%.
… For any 1,000 population with an infection in their midst, up to 700 get it, 7 die.
… “If you’re over 80, you are at extreme risk from the disease; under 50, you are not.”  

Typical analysis: “Don’t panic. Doctors/virologists I’m speaking to say 98% of people will be fine, even if they get Covid-19. They expect it will go around the world, but that most people who get it will be a little sick, then recover. The danger is to vulnerable people. Hospitals/old age homes.” ~Richard Engel  

That said, there’s a lot of confusion, and governments are starting to do a lot to block the spread of the virus. This will disrupt trade and travel and heighten fear and uncertainty.

Inside China
Lockdowns: Millions of people are trapped indoors - FP
National Peoples Congress postponed, first time in decades - Guardian
Religious groups in China step into the Coronavirus crisis - NYT
… “not all their efforts have been well received” …  

Outside China, lots of governments panicking:
… the difficult part is when the disease spreads, can’t be monitored, and there isn’t the health infrastructure to help people recover.
… lots of conspiracy theories making the rounds, too ...

The Dow Jones dropped 1,200 points as fear batters stock market - Techcrunch

The spread of COVID-19 outside China, charted - Statista
… Case number spikes: S Korea, Italy, Iran 
... ‘deeply concerning’ says WHO, ‘no time for complacency’ says UN
… New first cases: Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria

Fast-spreading coronavirus pushes Iran toward lockdown - Al-Monitor
… Iran says 12 dead, rejects higher death toll - AP
… accuses other countries of ‘scaremongering’ Iran toward lockdown - Al-Monitor
… How Qom (religious center) became Iran’s coronavirus epicenter - IranWire
… deputy health minister has contracted coronavirus - IranWire
… Friday prayers cancelled, Chinese banned from entering country - Reuters
… ‘Recipe for a massive viral outbreak’: a regional crossroads is a worldwide threat - NYT
… Countries around Iran are closing their borders - Eurasianet

Coronavirus poised for ‘outsized impact’ on S Korea - Diplomat
… tries not restricting movement of people, opposite approach of China - NYT
… launches ‘drive-thru’ coronavirus testing facilities … Reuters

Saudi Arabia closes holiest sites to foreigners - AP
… ‘unprecedented move, … not even taken during 1918 flu epidemic…’
… suspended pilgrimages, first in living memory

Pakistan shuts schools, suspends Iran flights - Reuters

Iraq bans public gatherings, travel to nine countries - Reuters

Japan closes schools for a month - NYT

Which African countries are most vulnerable - New Humanitarian
… and why have they been spared so far from the coronavirus? DW

North Africa / Warring States

Saudi Arabia steps up support for Hifter in Libya - Al-Monitor

Egypt / Sudan

After 6 years of war, will peace finally come to South Sudan? Al Jazeera
… lingering concerns, dampened expectations ...

Western Africa / Lake Chad

‘Significant rise’ of insecurity in Niger Delta, report - CFR
… 416 incidents, 1,000+ deaths in 2019, 2x 2018.

Escalating Burkina Faso violence brings wider Sahel displacement into focus - UN
… 150,000 have fled in the last three weeks ...


Information minister alleges Islamists targeting Christians to provoke religious war - Reuters

Ethiopia / Horn / East Africa

Locusts in the Horn of Africa have reached the fertile Rift Valley - Reuters
… Kenya out of pesticides, Ethiopia needs more planes, Somalia/Yemen aren’t safe

Central Asia / Caucasus

Measuring Central Asia’s shadow economies - Eurasianet
… ‘massive bazaar economy is both a driver of economic growth and a hindrance’

West Asia / Turkey

Air strike in Idlib kills 33 Turkish soldiers - Reuters
… raising fears of escalation between Turkey, Russia - NYT
… Turkey will no longer stop Syrian migrant flow into Europe - Daily Sabah

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Pashto

There’s been more than 100,000 civilians killed in Afghanistan over last decade - AP

US military officially stopped offensive operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan - Axios

Life in Kashmir: no email, WhatsApp, Internet - BuzzFeed


Deadly clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Delhi - Guardian
… ‘worst religious violence for decades’
… ‘Muslims flee their homes after attacks by Hindu mobs’
… riots continue to spread across northeast Delhi
… Death toll reaches 32 - Reuters
… after 3 days of riots, an uneasy calm descends - Foreign Policy
… the roots of the violence: a fiery speech & an ultimatum - NYT
… Behind the clash, fear and uncertainty for 2 million in limbo - New Humanitarian
… A Delhi neighborhood divided by a highway, now by hatred - Reuters  


How to cheat at Xi Jinping thought - Foreign Policy
… A new mandatory app is eating up worker time, so they find ways around it  

Poor migrant workers are feeling the brunt of coronavirus lockdowns - NYT
… ‘rural itinerants blocked from cities, kicked out of apartments, rejected…’  

Southeast Asia

Cambodia bans online gambling operations, mainly run by Chinese - Asia Times
… over 400,000 Chinese nationals leave Sihanoukville …
… Housing prices drop 33% ...  

The “inside story” behind Malaysia’s political meltdown - Asia Times
… maybe?  

Singapore has almost wiped out its mother tongues - Economist
… “elderly speakers of Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien sometimes cannot talk to their own grandchildren”  

New Data

Global life expectancy has more than doubled over the past century - Economist  

Longer reads

Very short: Why your startup’s org chart is limiting your growth - Tomas Tunguz
… middle managers are important for scaling …
… small group leaders and coaches are important for movements scaling …

Joann Pitmann: How many Christians in China? (Part 1) - ChinaSource

Zeynep Tufekci: “How the coronavirus revealed authoritarianism’s fatal flaw.” Atlantic


Xi Jinping using teleconferencing to address 170k cadres around the country - SCMP
… “to make sure his words reached the provinces directly”
… “lower-level officials used to interpreting Beijing’s edicts their own way”
… more command & control, or a Chinese version of “Team of Teams” video calls?

What happens when the Internet vanishes - BBC
… last year, services deliberately shut down 200 times in 33 separate countries …
… all workers among unreached need to be prepared for such things …
… Majority of shutdowns in India
… longest shutdown, 15 month in Chad

“We are not prepared for the end of Moore’s Law” - MIT Tech Review

The recording music industry grew from $7 billion (stagnant around that from 2011 to 2015) to $9.8 billion by 2018, considered a ‘relatively safe and solid performing stock,’ powered by music streaming - Variety

First use of Deepfakes in an Indian election campaign - Vice
… is this a deepfake… or just widespread linguistic translation?

Russia launches facial recognition + widespread surveillance with 200,000 cameras covering Moscow’s 12.5 million inhabitants - Reuters

Amazon expands cashierless Go model into full-blown grocery story - Verge

“Robots aren’t taking over jobs, they are becoming bosses” - Verge
… first, they came to help us work better; then, they took over managing us ...
… interesting piece about how AI is directing work, effectively managing employees …
… also, similar piece in Wired

New languages added to Google Translate, including Uighur - Link

Firefox will turn on DNS over over HTTPS by default - Verge
… keeps people from seeing which websites you are visiting …
… but also defeats attempts to block malicious / other websites …
… Initial skim of the article shows OpenDNS is not one of the DNS choices, unfortunately …

Facebook, Google, Twitter rebel against Pakistan censorship rules - NYT
… in a rare action, jointly threaten to leave Pakistan ...


“Grace is not opposed to effort; it is opposed to earning.” ~Dallas Willard

“Self-sufficiency, while a hallmark of American culture, is dangerous to a life of faith.” ~Shane Bennett

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