When I do Perspectives Lesson 9, here are the two charts I nearly always hand draw
World ABC, 1900-2050 - "Christianity is stagnant at 33%"
Global Religious Dynamics: a "year in the life", the circle diagram
Christianity by Contient & Region, 1970-2020 - an extra, this is the numbers data


40 Least Reached Provinces, mapped 2016
Christian populations: where believers are 2015
Where the church grows faster than the population: comparing AGR 2010
Where the church grows fastest (but not necessarily faster than the population) 2010
Religious Majorities: where one religion claims the majority of a province 2015
Many Movements Needed: where large populations require multiple movement engagements 2015
Over/Under 50% Christian: which provinces are majority-Christian, and which are not 2015
Population Density: which provinces have great density (correlates to urbanization) 2010


How likely is the North Korean government to fall?
The future of Somalia
The future of Afghanistan
The likely 2016 for Syria

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