Quarterly Update

Each quarter I hold a webinar to provide a survey & summary of the trends I’m aware of that impact Gospel progress among the unreached. I take everything that’s happened in the past decade, the past year, and the past quarter, and bring it down to what’s happening now, and what I think is likely in next quarter and next year. So if you want the 30,000-foot view, this is for you.

Registering for any given webinar means you get the recording of the webinar, plus the slide deck, plus an invite to the webinar (held online via Zoom). You can buy the webinar after its held and still get the recordings and slide deck, so you can catch up on past ones.

Past Webinars – get recording + slide deck for $25 each

July 27th – https://gumroad.com/l/zJLZU.

October 5th – https://gumroad.com/l/ogjI

Webinar times

1 to 3 PM CST/CDT (Dallas, USA)

The webinar normally runs about 90 minutes + time for Q&A.

What it covers (generally)

  • \trends that span multiple countries and affect a significant portion of the unreached, with trendlines and projections: wars, famines, diseases, persecution, etc.
  • places in the world where major region-changing events are possible (in the next Update, I’m going to be focusing on places where it’s likely that Christianity will significantly increase in size)
  • megazones where the majority of the world’s unreached population are found, and detailed trends impacting mission in those zones

Additionally, we touch on categories of effective strategies and missionary deployment globally.

For upcoming webinars: This is a pre-order. You won’t be billed until the day of the webinar (and won’t get a receipt until then). The “package” will release the morning of the webinar, and include a single slide with the Zoom webinar URL. The recordings and slide deck will be uploaded typically the next business day (after any necessary edits to the recording are done).