Prayer Guides

The prayer resources linked below are either downloadable PDFs or available for purchase for a nominal price. To be included on this page, a prayer resource must generally be about mission and preferably about mission to unreached peoples. It must also be downloadable from the web – no sensitive prayer guides are listed below. (And I generally prefer to link free prayer guides.) If your prayer guide isn’t on the list, email me a link for it.

This page was last updated December 2023.


The prayer guides listed below will give you some broad prayer points about the particular regions, countries and peoples. If you want to know things to pray about this week, you might check out my weekly prayer guide, which comes out each Sunday. Distilled from my Friday Roundup, it provides 7 things to pray for this week.

Books & Larger Prayer Guides

Other Prayer Guide Collections

  • The Jesus Film has country-focused prayer resources that rotate monthly, plus an update letter
  • Wycliffe’s collection, including “How to pray for the Bibleless.”
  • The Priority 100 prayer app (app stores) is a 30 second prayer point for each of 100 Muslim UPGs.
  • Lausanne has a prayer page in partnership with Operation World.

Prayer Campaigns

  • The Word Became Flesh”: a December 11-23 Advent-ish prayer guide for peoples in India. PDF.
  • Global Day of Prayer for the Harvest: December 2nd.
  • 110 Cities: praying for transformation & revival across 110 strategic cities.
  • UPG North America seeks to mobilize prayer and laborers among North America’s most significant unreached people group communities. UPG North America has identified and prioritized the least reached communities in North America, created virtual prayerwalks for these communities, and cataloged several gospel resources in the people groups’ languages. God has provided a unique opportunity in this age of mass migration and technological connection. From global gateway cities in North America, we have access to influencers from some of the least-reached peoples of the world.
  • Pray4Movement mobilizes prayer for DMMs; subsections focus on specific parts of the world.
  • PrayForZero is a prayer campaign on behalf of Bibleless peoples.

For Religions




Diaspora OMF.

Afghanistan. Shane Bennett (1⁄2 page bulletin insert, 2021).

Bangladesh. @PrayBangladesh. Pray4Rohingya.

Bhutan. Pray for Every Village. 30-day prayer guide.

Bosnia. Pray4Bosnia

Brunei. Online Prayer Journey.


Cambodia. Pray for Cambodia. OMF

Chad. Let Chad be Glad.

China. Operation China. all the peoples of China (Amazon, $). Downloadable collection of Prayer guides for the Dong, Tai Dam, Buddhism, Zhuang. Sichuan’s ethnic corridor.Skylands prayer guide. Skylands OMF. OMF. Urban China OMF.

Croatia. Pray4Croatia.

Czech. Pray4Czech.

Egypt. Soak Egypt.

France. PrayForFrance.

Germany. Pray4Germany.

Hungary. Pray4Hungary.

India. Pray for Every Village.

Indonesia. @iPray4Indonesia. PrayforIndonesia. Praying for Indonesia. Central Java. Pray4TheBanjar. Unreached Peoples of Indonesia.

Iran. 30 Days of Prayer for Iran

Italy. Pray4Italy.

Japan. Operation Japan prayer guide ($5, ( OMF

Kyrgyzstan. 10 Day Prayer Guide.

Laos. 20 Day Prayer Guide.

Libya. PrayForLibya.

Macedonia. Pray4Macedonia.

Malaysia. Online prayer journey. A People Loved

Maldives. Pray4Maldives. Pray for every village.

Philippines OMF

Morocco. Pray4Morocco.

Myanmar. Pray4Rohingya. PrayforMyanmar. Golden Shores Initiative. OMF.

Mekong Minorities OMF

Nepal. Pray for Every Village.

Niger. Pray4Niger.

Nigeria. Pray4Nigeria.

North Korea.

  • ‘A Door Swinging Open: A Prayer Guide for the DPR Korea.’ This came out in 2019. To order a copy in the US, order it from Davidson Publishing.
  • DPRK Prayer Bulletin is Sent out every 2 months. Write to and ask to receive it. Say in the email how your heard about the bulletin.

Pakistan. Pray for Every Village.

Poland. Pray4Poland.

Vietnam. Reaching Vietnam. Pray for Vietnam. OMF.

Russia. Pray for Russia & North Caucasus Peoples.

Saudi Arabia. @pray4saudi.

Somalia. Pray4Somalis.

Spain. Pray for Basque Country. WePray4Spain.

Sri Lanka. @interceding4sl. Pray for Every Village.




Taiwan. OMF. Prayer Guide vs social issues

Thailand. Praying for Thai Buddhists, $. Prayer Guide for Thailand 2021.

Tunisia., @Pray4Tunisia

Turkey. 30 Days of Prayer for Turkey. Pray4Movement for Turkey. 30 Days through Turkey.

Ukraine. Pray4Ukraine. Pray for Ukraine Youtube video “Stay and Wait”.

USA. American Indian Prayer Guide via Sonlight ($14). Lots of Pray4 Networks for USA states. Pray for Metro NYC Turks


City Prayer Guides


Out of ~106 unreached clusters below, ~41 are not “prayed for” (they lack a prayer campaign, guide, or initiative). Many of the following resources are print guides available for purchase, but the prices are usually nominal (~$1). If no guides are indicated for a specific cluster, I don’t know of a prayer guide for that cluster yet. If there is one, please let me know. If there’s not, why not create one?