Photographer tells stories of women

Photographer tells stories of women across rural India.” “Women of India is a self-initiated personal project to cover the stories of women in rural India. While documenting stories of women across India, I saw the dichotomy of these two Indias. The contrast is astonishing. While baby girls are given away, sold, or even killed in parts of rural India, urban women are gradually seizing power and asking for their rights…”

Saudi Women Reforms

Saudi Arabia allows women into stadium as it steps up reforms.” “Mixed audience permitted for the first time as national day festivities promote patriotic pride, aim to open up society.”

“Reforms intended to capture up to a quarter of the $20 billion currently spent overseas by Saudis, who are accustomed to traveling abroad to see shows and visit amusement parks in nearby tourist hub Dubai or further afield.”

#Kurds #Independence It’s never a good time…

#Kurds #Independence
9/27 What did the Kurds get out of the referendum?
Iraq escalates dispute with Kurds, threatening military action
9/26 Turkey threatens retaliation after Iraqi Kurdish vote
9/26 What the referendum means for Tehran
… halts all flights from Tehran to Kurdistan airports, “…may just be Iran’s greatest challenge yet…”
The Kurds went ahead with the referendum vote
… expected to deliver a “comfortable ‘yes'” that is not binding
Short Reuters video summarizing
As Kurds celebrate independence, neighbors threaten military action
It’s never a good time for the Iraqi Kurds to become independent.”
… The Turkish government believes that Kurdish self-determination represents an existential threat.
On eve of Kurdish independence vote, a warning from Turkey in the form of military exercises.
Also, NYT: Iraqi Kurds will vote on Independence, recalling tortured past.