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So, in a very real way, your support for the Roundup helps us provide you and hundreds of people like you with a sense of what’s going on in the world, and enables us to help movements change what’s going on in the world!

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Four key things you’ve helped us do already in 2021…

  • Produce the Roundup, a weekly email newsletter of trends and events among the unreached, sent to 1,600+ mission activists, field workers, managers, and mission leaders worldwide.

  • Continued the documentation of 1,370+ rapidly-multiplying disciple-making movements, with 79+ million believers in 4+ million churches.

  • Begun the construction of a languages-in-provinces database (an extension of languages-in-countries) to identify gaps (and under engagement) in movement-type engagement of languages around the world; so far, we have 4,000 provinces, 7,400 languages, and identified over 23,700 languages-in-provinces.

  • Facilitated Beyond’s missionary recruiting team, which is aiming to double from 20+ candidates last year to 40+ this year.