Monthly Archives: December 2018

The value of marketing

In an airport on my way home, I saw a sign asking Chicagoans to adopt a pet. Every Halloween we spend money on pet costumes comparable to what we spend on missions to the unreached. I hear people belabor this … Continue reading

Odd paradoxes in the Christian community

We expect parents to disciple their children. We frequently reflect on how parents spend more time with their children than any pastor or youth group leader. Churches provide materials to support parents as they have spiritual conversations with their kids. … Continue reading

When patriotism can kill the soul

Sitting in a foreign country, I am constantly reminded of some uncomfortable truths: To some extent, it is okay to be proud of my country. But I probably don’t have the right extent: some have too little, and some have … Continue reading

The spiritually mature

At the Ethne 2018 conference, plenary speaker, referring to believers, many MBBs: They take God at face value.When God says something to us, we seek counsel.When God says something to them, they obey.When we have a problem, we seek a … Continue reading

Non-Christians by world region

What stands out here, of course, is Asia. Some might be tempted to say this is dependent on how one defines “Christians.” But the reality is, even if all Europeans, for example, were counted as non-Christians, Asia would still be significantly bigger: … Continue reading

Christianity by world region, 1950-2050

Note the massive increase in Africa. By 2050, there will likely be over a billion Christians in Africa, due in large part to the increase in population there. Over half of those will likely be in East Africa. Why? In … Continue reading

Missionary martyrdom isn't unusual

Recently, John Chau’s martyrdom has made the headlines, both in flattering and unflattering ways. Many people – even Christians – were shocked: partly that he went to a place where the language was less known, and partly because he went … Continue reading