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Are you a missionary?

While skimming some articles related to the Chau case, I came across this by TGC. It said in part: Currently, it is unknown whether Chau was a sent by any church. Although he joined All Nations in 2017, it’s also … Continue reading

Chau: failure, martyr, or what?

The news of John Chau’s death while attempting to bring the Gospel to a very remote, hostile, restricted-access region hit the mainstream news some days ago. Since then, there’s been quite a lot of chatter about it, with lots of … Continue reading

Questions about whether a group is reached

Is there an indigenous church? Is the indigenous church able (sufficient size / resources) to evangelize the group without outside assistance? Does the indigenous church think itself able, vs. do I think it is able, and how do I judge … Continue reading

National Populations by % Christian Stages for 1950, 2000 and 2050

This chart shows the total population of the countries in each of the various stages as of the years 1950, 2000 and 2050. Fluctuations in population sizes happen partially due to population growth and partially as countries moved from stage to stage … Continue reading

Defining a Missiological Breakthrough

What is “the goal” of missionary effort? If we have a list of x thousand “unreached people groups,” what does it take for each group to no longer be “unreached”? One of the best discussions of “the goal” (in the context … Continue reading

Changes: Populations 1950, 2000, 2050, 2100

By 2100, Middle Africa will be pushing 1 billion people, and East and Western Africa will both exceed 1.5 billion–regional population totals exceeding where China was in 2000. There will likely be large Muslim concentrations amongst these groups. By 2050 … Continue reading

Investment times

Depending on the agency and the worker and the field, it usually takes “about” a year for a worker to pass from initial expression of interest through application, vetting, fundraising, and on to the field. (Longer, of course, if more … Continue reading

4 types of people critical to movements

Here are 4 types of people critical to any kind of movement, whether it’s a scalable startup or a disciple-making movement: Early Adopters – the people who are already seeking what is being offered, and willing to take a minimum viable product: anything … Continue reading

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Festivals of Thanksgiving

In America, it’s Thanksgiving Day. I’m not actually writing this post on Thanksgiving Day. I’m writing it prior to. Because on Thanksgiving Day, I won’t be anywhere near this computer. It’s important – but sometimes hard – to take time for Thanksgiving. … Continue reading

An eternal perspective

Given that you will always have more days ahead than behind, it is absolutely certain (for believers) that your “best” days are yet to come. Those days will be better than these not just because they come later (especially in … Continue reading