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Christian distribution: Global South vs Global North

Over the weekend, the Center for the Study of Global Christianity shared this graph: A few interesting things about this charge: It’s 0 to 100%, so it shows the share of all Christians in each of the regions. Note how … Continue reading

Several people have asked about comments

Several people have asked about comments. The theme I use on this blog, typically, is P2, and its commenting system is really not the easiest to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’m working on getting this ironed out this morning. … Continue reading

Evangelization throughout the centuries

% of the world that was evangelized, AD 100 to AD 2000. Unfortunately due to massive population increase, 1900 and 2000 are both “off the scale”; AD 2000 saw the world with over 6 billion people, 73% evangelized. “% Evangelized” … Continue reading

The Time it Takes

“You’re not called and commissioned to attend a service once a week. You’re called to make disciples.” ~@ToddAdkins Yesterday on social media I ran across a podcast that decried what I think is a “straw man” argument: that missionaries were … Continue reading

Throwing back starfish

Stop me if you’ve heard this story: A young girl was walking along a beach upon which thousands of starfish had been washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and … Continue reading

Are Muslim birth rates faster than Christian birth rates

Globally, Pew Research notes that “babies born to Muslims will begin to outnumber Christian births by 2035”: This top headline gets a lot of press. What is less looked at are the drivers of rising Muslim birth rates. In an … Continue reading

International Day for the Unreached

Today is the first International Day for the Unreached. See the official website here. See the live event here. Beyond has put together a resource page here, which includes a pair of new videos (I think this one is really powerful), links … Continue reading

Is Christianity growing or shrinking in individual countries

I looked at the projected growth rates of Christianity by country based on data from the World Christian Encyclopedia/World Christian Database. To determine whether Christianity is growing or shrinking in individual countries, we need to look at two factors: the … Continue reading

Changes in speed of religious growth

Globally, the 2018 Status of Global Christianity reports Christianity is growing at 1.3%, outstripping the global population growth rate of 1.2%. Christianity is the third fastest growing religion in terms of annual growth rate: Islam at 1.94% and Hinduism at … Continue reading

A simple recruiting/mobilization interview

Invitation: “Tell me your story” Gentle challenge: “So, if I could wave a magic wand and solve all the problems of getting there, would you want to be on the field?” Four areas we probe to discover what kind of … Continue reading