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Success and Failure Bars

In my work both with research and recruiting at Beyond, I do a lot of experimentation and testing. Especially in recruiting, we are constantly testing new ways of communicating vision, gathering potential candidates, and identifying high-potential prospects: people who are … Continue reading

Four marks of a good candidate

At Beyond, there are four “basic requirements of a good candidate” that I generally look for: They have to say “yes” to “long-term.” ¬†If they start with, “Do you have any short-term trips? I love to take a short-term missions … Continue reading

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Church Gathering

Recently I overheard the phrase, “He’s trying to start a church, and having difficulty.” I began to wonder, immediately if idly, about the perspective we have when we say “start a church.” When we say we are “starting a church,” … Continue reading

What we mean by “unreached,” and the importance of reaching them

Although “unreached” has a technical definition, with complex nuances, sometimes when people use “unreached” they mean something very different. Exploring the different ways people can use “unreached” shows how easily we overlook or forget the people “unreached” is intended to … Continue reading

Categories of Difficulty

Just because a country is in the 10/40 Window doesn’t mean it’s uniformly hard to reach. There are (at least) three categories of countries (and these likely apply to peoples and cities as well): Small populations, difficult to enter: places … Continue reading

50,000 American workers?

Yesterday, Micah Fries tweeted: If Southern Baptists would send & fund just 1% of our regular attenders overseas as missionaries we would send over 52,000 global missionaries. We currently have 3,551 personnel on the field with the @IMB_SBC. That's .068% … Continue reading

Degrading Time to Double

Movements are “rapidly multiplying” or exponential. This multiplication means that, at the minimum, they must¬†double on a regular basis. Time to Double is a measure of the speed of any kind of viral fad. The “Rule of 72” is a … Continue reading

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The difficulties of defining "closure"

“Finishing the task” is a phrase that is widely used in some of the mission circles that I travel in. I’ve used it myself. The technical/missiological term sometimes equated to “finishing the task” is “closure.” Both of these phrases are … Continue reading

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How can I know the will of God?

Recently, while teaching Lesson 9 of Perspectives, a young lady came and asked me: “you talked about seeking the purpose of God. How can you know what God’s will for you really is?’ Briefly, what I told her: it depends. … Continue reading

If demography is destiny

I recently (again) ran across the line, “Demography is destiny.” Then, I encountered this link from 2016: “Which U.S. religious groups are oldest and youngest?” The two together illustrate the reality: whatever religion(s) (or non-religious group(s)) has the largest pool … Continue reading