Monthly Archives: November 2017

Concentrations of American Workers

Several people have recently asked me about the oft-cited statistic, “90% of our work goes on in Christianized/reached/finished places, and less than 10% among the unreached.” The question I’m usually asked is, “has this statistic changed? isn’t it old?” Yes, … Continue reading

Missionary biographies

I have launched a new page on the website, devoted to curating links to missionary biographies. The why is pretty simple: most of the time, when I talk to people about how they got their start in missions, reading missionary … Continue reading

Is France reached?

Whenever we think about the question of whether Europe is reached or not, France is often the anecdotal story that floats to the top. Is France “reached”? The classical definition of reached asks whether the French church could evangelize France … Continue reading

Huge populations

The following are the largest population concentrations in the world, each with over 100 million people. These concentrations are a mix of countries and provinces; I allow this because some of the provinces, due to populations, have nearly the same … Continue reading

Will Saudi Arabia be able to moderate Islam, or itself?

Quite a lot of turmoil in KSA over the weekend: Mass purge upends a longstanding system … ‘without formal charges or any legal process… presented as a crackdown on corruption’ Arrests included billionaire Alwaleed bin Tadal … one of the … Continue reading

Festivals and stories

The annual Water Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, along the Tonle Sap River, is expected to draw 1 million people to Cambodia’s capital. The US State Department warns of “increasing possibility of crimes of opportunity” – but the inverse is … Continue reading