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Top Posts for 2016

Here is a slightly new tradition. Not sure I’ve done a “top posts this year” before, but here it is: the posts you visited most. The Prayer Page, that lists all of the prayer guide resources we know about. I’m … Continue reading

Movements and training

Occasionally I hear a line of thinking that suggests those involved in movements avoid training. In my experience this is not true. There is a huge amount of training; in some respects Beyond and orgs like us are largely training … Continue reading


Christmas morning – the celebration of the Incarnation. “God put on flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” When we are the hands and feet of Jesus, we will be sent as he was sent. We enter new situations as helpless … Continue reading

Holding our Breath

This is the Eve. This is the night before. This is the time we celebrate the moment of immanence. The hinge of history is about to arrive. Before, life was one way. After, life¬†will be another. We are already in … Continue reading

Wrestling with the Mystery

Christmas and Easter are both holidays of silence. On both occasions, in the midst of deep darkness, light and power and life invaded. Once in the form of a baby, and once in the form of resurrection. Both were things … Continue reading

Redeeming the time

It’s occasionally said, in certain circles, celebrating Christmas is problematic because Jesus likely didn’t come in winter. That the holiday used to be Winter Solstice, but it was co-opted. Or maybe not. But isn’t this a perfect example of Christmas? … Continue reading

Faithful witness vs pioneering 

One foundational question is whether the great commission can be completed (or was intended to be). Most people I encounter don’t actually answer that question with a firm yes or no. They tend to lean one way or another. Based … Continue reading

Wartime lifestyle

A wartime lifestyle is sometimes interpreted as a life of poverty. But in reality a wartime lifestyle is one of intentionality. Some things are given up for the cause. But some things are required. The fact is, the cause of … Continue reading

Bearing fruit too late

We planted a tomato bush this year, trying out a new variety. Through the whole of the spring and summer, the vine grew and grew – but bore no fruit. We gave up watching it, watering it, caring for it. … Continue reading

The nuances of the unreached definition

At a recent discussion forum around the definition of the unreached, I was reminded of some of the complexities and nuances involved. The term unreached has a long history (read a great review article in the latest issue of IJFM). … Continue reading