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Strategy: Ethne vs Geo 

One problem that occasionally comes up anecdotally is: we work in a place focused on our target group and avoid all the others. I suggest an alternate strategy: 1. Let people group thinking drive your selection of a place to … Continue reading

Societies vs. Agencies

I believe there is and will always be role for the mission agency: a structure able to take people from one continent and send them to another. The role is important, but may be limited by expense, passport issues, and risk. I have … Continue reading

Doing the impossible

The number of people with no access to the Gospel is growing by on the order of 20 million per year. There are thousands of places and hundreds of millions of people who will never hear. We will not bring … Continue reading

Connections and Connectedness

I am presently working through the Top 20 Least Reached Provinces of the world, aiming to compile a ‘connectedness’ rating for each district within each province. This is a measure of each district’s physical connectedness – highways, railways, bus lines, seaports, … Continue reading

The power of distant social connections

Yesterday, this graph was shared: The difference between Twitter and Facebook, in one chart — Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) October 25, 2016 This is a particularly interesting graph because it demonstrates the power of “distant” or “weak” connections. The whole … Continue reading

Can the task be finished?

Last night I saw a twitter conversation going back over a subject that is near and dear to my heart: can the Great Commission be finished? Eddie Arthur says no–but if you read closely what he’s saying, he’s just saying … Continue reading

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