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When we become followers of Christ, we are set free. But more than that, we become liberators: primarily, of the people around us – our friends, our families, our co-workers. We liberate them from our pride, our arrogance, our anger, … Continue reading

People, more than peoples

The big┬ámissions push over the last few decades has been “every tribe, language and tongue.” That’s a Biblical goal, mentioned in Matthew 24, 28 and Revelation 7. Ethne are important because barriers of language and culture can keep the Gospel … Continue reading

The Demography of Islam: is it being hollowed out by falling birth rates?

On Twitter today, I was asked: How much do you know about #demographics? People say Islak is collapsing but your stats don't show that. — Duane Miller (@DrDuaneMiller) September 8, 2016 @justindlong what do you make of this? Fertility Decline … Continue reading

…and then the end will come.

I know many people reading Matthew 24 and Matthew 28 together take it to mean that, when Matthew 28 is finished, the clouds will part, the trumpets will sound, and the Lord will return. I suggest this reading might just … Continue reading

Disruption: when to struggle through, when to quit/iterate

Yesterday, I talked about “missio-communities” (agencies, churches, businesses, etc) having two “functions”: to “be” in a place (spread-in, offer discipleship opportunities to everyone in the place) and to “go” to places with no Gospel presence (spread-out, move over borders into … Continue reading

Mission Disruption 3, seeking simplicity and flexibility

The conversation continues. While I was revisiting my ongoing theological wrestling with marriage (one critique: the suggestion my theological position is apparently closer to Mormonism than I might be comfortable with). Eddie’s had two other great posts: one about global … Continue reading