Monthly Archives: August 2016

Revisiting marriage in heaven

Yesterday, I ran across¬†the post, “Will there be nations in the new creation?” In it was the line: My instinctive reaction is to say that if we will not marry or be given in marriage at the resurrection, surely nations … Continue reading

Mission Disruption, 2: random thoughts and four failure conditions

There has been some significant conversation regarding yesterday’s topic, and Eddie Arthur posted Corkscrews and Pomegranates, which highlighted some of the challenges agencies face in the UK (the original Bread and Pomegranates post was in NZ). In summary: Christina suggests … Continue reading

Disrupting Mission Agencies

On Sunday, Steve Schirmer pointed out a new blog post, “Mission is ripe for disruption.” Great article. It is time for a new type of mission agency to form and she spells out why very well. — Steve Schirmer … Continue reading

Strong vs. Weak Friendships

A common trope on social media is the refrain: “followers are not friends” or “Facebook friends won’t come to the hospital for you.” That’s true, but it misses a point worth understanding. The distinction between “strong” and “weak” connections – … Continue reading

Building disciple-making capacity in local churches

There are generally two kinds of people in church services: * people who are new (typically “seeker” oriented) * people who have been there longer (hopefully, but not necessarily, spiritually mature). If you aim a church service toward the spiritually … Continue reading

Christian Spycraft?

Wednesday, an op-ed appeared on CNN entitled, “Three arguments against covert Christian ‘spycraft.’” The piece articulates a perceived problem: In order to get inside these “closed” countries, some missionaries pose as aid workers, teachers and business owners. Under the guise … Continue reading

Cultural Christianity

At a recent workgroup meeting, the phrase “cultural Christianity” and “cultural Christians” was used frequently, in a negative sense.¬†This is not the first time I’ve heard the phrase used, and nearly always to mean “people who aren’t acting like Christians” … Continue reading