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Are the swelling ranks of short-termers actually a bad thing?

Many people are bemoaning the lack of long-term commitment on the part of Millennials. They look at the¬†astronomical rise in the number of short-termers vs long-termers. I’ve done this myself, in the past. But now I’m rethinking it. Let’s look … Continue reading

Less Sensitive Scales: The Countdown Clock

On the basis of yesterday’s post, I have created a new diagram: a Countdown Clock. The JPEG is here. Patrons will find the high res PDF version in the Patron Dropbox Folder.

Less sensitive scales

I am occasionally very disappointed in reports. When I was younger, we were so used to hearing “overblown reports” we had a phrase for it – “evangelistically speaking.” –¬†from evangelists who inflated the numbers of respondents. This still happens today. … Continue reading