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Thresholds of reachedness: measuring them, and our speed in reaching them

The classic definition of “unreached” – “a people group lacking a church able to evangelize the group to its borders without cross cultural assistance” – lacked any way of measuring when the defined goal was reached. Depending on which missiologist you … Continue reading

Globally mapping individual churches: I think I have a better way

I have been aware for some time of the idea of catalyzing the planting of churches within specific places and peoples, down to a ratio of approximately 1 per 1,000. This is the current iteration of the “Saturation Church Planting” idea. I … Continue reading

Population Concentrations ranked by Density

The District Survey (my personal, unpublished database of the world’s countries, provinces, districts, and subdistricts) contains 3,554 provinces (second-order political units), amounting to 6.8 billion people as of their 2010-ish censuses (some 2011 or 2012, etc). Dividing each of these populations … Continue reading

Measuring Reached by measuring who is reaching out

The method that we use to measure the completion of the task (‘closure’) is critical: in determining the requirements for finishing, we determine the kind of race we are in and our strategy for running. We are hampered in part by the fact … Continue reading

The future of urbanization: growing, but growth slowing, rural NOT significantly declining

We all know the world is urbanizing, and today over 50% of the world lives in urban areas: But this is just the top level view. The distribution of urban vs. rural populations is naturally very different for different regions:   … Continue reading

If you are the average of the 5 people you associate with most

A short blog post from Ideapod quotes Timothy Ferris: “But you are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, … Continue reading

Nepali Primer released

Recently I’ve been working my way through creating Primers – short PDFs containing collections of annotated links – for the countries of South Asia. These are being offered through Gumroad. The newest release is a primer on Nepal. What’s the … Continue reading

Surveying China's newly enacted NGO law

Pittman, Joann. “Foreign NGO management law: how might it affect you?” ChinaSource, 25 April 2016. Fulton, Brent. “The new normal for faith-based, foreign NGOs in China: key provisions of the new law.” China Source, 4 May 2016. English translation of … Continue reading

Only 400 people groups – or 2.9 billion people?

J. D. Payne wrote an interesting and potentially explosive post yesterday: “Only 400 people groups to go?” I respect J. D. a lot. We’ve met once in person, and exchanged many emails and tweets. I know his heart is for … Continue reading