Monthly Archives: April 2016

Might Mobilizers Make Good Missionaries?

Some people have told me they felt they wouldn’t be a good missionary, but they could be a good mobilizer. I am not writing to contradict anyone’s calling, but I think we should consider just how much mobilization comprises some … Continue reading

When will the world be over half evangelical?

The definition of ‘evangelical’ is hard to pin down, and even harder to measure. Generally, when people say ‘evangelical’ they mean ‘true believers.’ When the World Christian Database measures ‘evangelical,’ they are referring to members of historically Evangelical denominations, which … Continue reading

The strategic value of mapping people to places

The chief reason for the development of people group thinking in missions was the lack of precision in measuring the remaining task in terms of countries. There was a church for every country, but many individuals within specific peoples throughout North Africa and Asia lacked access … Continue reading

The role of persecution in movements

Do you remember the famous “child’s prayer”: “Now I lay me down to sleep / I pray the Lord my soul to keep / If I should die before I wake / I pray the Lord my soul to take”? … Continue reading

Is the 10/40 Window still a valid mobilization tool?

The ‘10/40 Window’ is a fairly well known ‘shorthand’ or abbreviation for a region of the world where most of the unreached live. It gets its name from a ‘box’ that can be drawn on a map: from 10 degrees … Continue reading

Regression to the Mean

Imagine a church planter. If he presents the Gospel to 100 people, what are the odds that 60 of them will become disciples? It might seem a fairly impossible question to answer, so let’s consider a different question: Dr. Daniel … Continue reading

Greed and profit

I have just spent several daysin a fairly remote location in Asia interviewing many leaders of a current church planting movement. One set of questions I asked was A) the most common obstacle to following Jesus B) the most common … Continue reading

Relationships before location

Church is not a building, a location, a program or a corporation. To confuse a church with those things is like confusing a nation with its current political or economic system. China, Russia and Albania have changed systems but remain … Continue reading

Discovering Defaults

The default position for many people is “no.” You might be able to guilt, pressure, persuade, demand or argue people into a one-time yes. But that’s not how a relationship is formed, and it’s not sustainable over the long term. … Continue reading

Imperfect disciples

We are very familiar with the Great Commission in Matthew 28. We often jump straight to the passage. But step back a couple verses and you see something interesting: the disciples have gone to meet Jesus, and having got there, … Continue reading