Monthly Archives: March 2016

Fishers, Fishing, and analogies

Fishing can be a great analogy for evangelism–or a very bad one. Jesus promised to make Peter into a “fisher of men,” and it’s a great illustration insofar as it goes. For example, note a lesson my kids and I … Continue reading

Protection and the Hand of God

When bad things happen I have noticed we as Christians can be quick to equate the protection of any single individual with the hand of God. We should be reminding ourselves that “correlation is not causation.” Protection is not necessarily … Continue reading

243 Key Data Sets

Since Indexes have been of so much use to everyone, I’ve launched another new tool. This one is a bit more “niche” and won’t fit everyone, but for those who need the data, it should save you quite a bit … Continue reading

Goals vs. Margin, and two updated tools for you

My goal has been to write at least one blog post (the Starters) and one roughly 1,000-word article daily. For the past few weeks I’ve been doing that regularly. Unfortunately, recent international travel has collided with a body that is … Continue reading

Africa and Casual Communication

I have been in East Africa for a week, attending the MANI 2026 consultation: a pan-Africa gathering that is convened once every five years. While here, being the heavy Internet user that I am, several things I noted: Bandwidth is … Continue reading

Continuous Training

I have noticed some people have the idea that DMM training is rather like “how to make disciples and plant churches in 8 easy steps,” and when compared to seminary training it is somehow lacking. It’s true, most training for … Continue reading


Busyness is not automatically obedience. It may in fact be only the appearance of life when in reality we are dead (Revelation 3). Filling up our calendar as a sign of our value is a very big red flag.

Power conferred

For most actions, forceful coercion isn’t possible or even realistic. People are obeyed because they are in positions of authority in systems respected as legitimate or because they have relationally earned trust. In either case, power (defined as the ability … Continue reading

The dark side of a call

It’s important to have a sense of what God is calling you to do. But there is a dark side to having a “divine call,” that fellow blogger and friend Eddie Arthur and I talked about yesterday. We can fall … Continue reading


What is power? What do we mean by this? It can be An ability to act A responsibility An authority to require another The ability to force another Capacity that is transmitted (power crackled along the lines) Stores capacity you … Continue reading