Monthly Archives: February 2016

Status of Global Mission 2016

The new 2016 Status of Global Christianity is out from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. This one page overview is my go-to snapshot of global statistics. You can download it here. I’ll be talking about this and … Continue reading

An extra day

Today is February 28th. It’s a leap year. It’s an extra day that you don’t normally have in an ordinary year. Thank God for this day. Let’s do something we don’t normally do. Every day is filled with a bunch … Continue reading

Unpopular things

Right now, helping refugees and working with diaspora – especially people from places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. – is not a popular thing. In fact, in America, in many quarters, it is considered a “dangerous” thing – and not … Continue reading

Other peoples' eyes

Part of the challenge of the missionary task is to stop looking at the Others through your eyes, and to instead try and look at Yourself and Life in general, through Their Eyes. To bring the Gospel (“Good News”) to someone … Continue reading

If they are coming here, why bother going there?

‘The nations are coming to us’ has been an eye-catching headline for some time now. The strategic implications of ‘ministry in our back yard’ are important for candidates to consider: They are easier logistically to reach. We don’t need huge … Continue reading

Why we serve

I have noticed the best test for whether, and (more importantly) why, we follow God can be found in our thought, feelings and actions after either (1) he tells us to do what we don’t want to do, or not to … Continue reading

Discipling households vs. individuals: a key shift

You’ve no doubt heard a proposition like one of the following: “If each Christian won one more person each year…” “If the church doubled in size each year…” Or, my personal favorite: if 1 person discipled 10, who each discipled … Continue reading

Are there too many denominations?

The World Christian Encyclopedia and Operation World both track denominations in the world. Some have looked at the (in 2015, estimated) 45,000 denominations in the world and decry this as an example of a lack of unity. And that may be … Continue reading

Nexus and Edge Hub People as Missionary Candidate Recommenders

We need more workers. Because there are not enough workers in the harvest. To find missionaries, who are often 1-in-10,000 believers, requires recommenders. How might we find ‘mission magnets’ within individual churches? Decentralized networking theory holds one potential clue you … Continue reading

The dangers of creativity

Missionaries are rarely welcome among the unevangelized, the unreached. Plenty of countries (like Afghanistan) actively oppose their entrance. It’s obvious it will take a creative platform to enter. Most of those creative platforms revolve around education, business development, or medical/humanitarian relief. But a … Continue reading