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How do I know I'm called?

call. verb. 1. to cry out in a loud voice; shout. 2. to command or request to come; to summon. 3. to ask or invite to come. 4. to communicate, or try to communicate, by telephone. 5. to rouse from sleep, … Continue reading

The "democratization" and "amateurization" of missions

democratization. transitive v. 1) to make more democratic. 2) to make something available to all; to make it possible for all to understand. amateurization. Coined by Clay Shirky, and defined as the process whereby the dichotomy between experts and amateurs … Continue reading

The Marks of a Good Candidate

Some time ago I did a small research project on what mission agencies looked for in a good candidate. I asked all of the big agencies to send me a copy of their mission application form and process, and I … Continue reading

Black Swans: why movements must prepare for them

The term “Black Swan” was originated at least in part by Nassim Taleb, and is elaborated in his books Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan, and Antifragile. What is a “Black Swan”? imagine you were a European living in the … Continue reading

Candidates: don't put missionaries on pedestals

Have additional missionary biographies to add? post them in comments. –Ed. What happens when we read a missionary biography? or see a missionary in church? Are we inspired? scared off from any idea of being a missionary? repelled (“God, please … Continue reading

Movements: the important power to seep

seep. v. 1) to pass, flow or ooze gradually through a porous surface. 2) to enter or be introduced at slow pace. 3) to become diffused; permeate. There are two approaches to evangelizing a large group of people. One: reach … Continue reading

The Reality that Few are Interested

I’ve been to college mission events, church mission days, and mission festivals. I’ve stood at our booth, spoken in classrooms and Sunday schools, talked with kids at homeschool events and youth groups. The stark reality every mobilizer must face: few … Continue reading

How likely is the North Korean government to fall

Download the full 6-page PDF: Future of North Korean Government Many are waiting for the “fall” of the DPRK government and reunification of the two Koreas to open the area to the Gospel. How likely is this event to happen in … Continue reading

Can I be a missionary?

“Can I be a missionary?” Based on the number of people who actually apply to agencies as a percentage of the total Christian population in any given country, I can’t imagine this is a question that is asked by very … Continue reading

Closure: don’t rush it

Trying to finish the Great Commission “impossibly fast” can lead to failure and abandonment of the project altogether. What is “impossibly fast”? Let’s think about the idea of “closure” (e.g. the task is finished) at three levels. First is the … Continue reading

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