Part of the challenge for our attitudes toward…

Part of the challenge for our attitudes toward refugees, and to people of other faiths in general, is that we don’t know them personally.

We don’t talk with them, share lives with them, or at the very least pray for them. Research by the Pew Forum suggests that people who know a Muslim (or any religious group) personally tend to rate Muslims more positively.In that vein, I hear offer a “prayer for the refugee.” This prayer is different in that it is designed to be prayed for a specific refugee.

If you see someone in the news, you might use this prayer, substituting their name in the spaces below.

The idea is not to pray for refugees in general but for one in particular–maybe even for one that you know (or could get to know).

Our father in heaven, holy is your name
May your Kingdom come near to name 
May your will be done in the life of name 
Give name today the food and other resources they need –will you give it through me? do you have something for me to give?
Forgive name any sins they may have committed
Help name to forgive those who have sinned against them
Forgive me, if I have sinned against name in thought or deed
Protect name today, from temptation
Deliver name and their family from evil, from structures of sin from dangers that would prey upon them
For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory

Lord, you are the shepherd of name 
Deliver name and their family out of want today
Lead name to green, fertile places, where they will be provided for
Lead name to quiet waters and peaceful places that will refresh their soul
Lead name to the right paths, for the sake of your great name
I know name may be walking in dark valleys, where they fear evil
Deliver _name_from fear and from evil.
Make your presence real to name 
Comfort name with the protection of your power
Prepare a table of good things for name, even in the presence of their enemies
Anoint name, and overflow their cup with good things
Show your goodness and love to name 
And bring name to dwell in your kingdom forever.

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