Monthly Archives: December 2015

Prayer for a Refugee

Part of the challenge for our attitudes toward refugees, and to people of other faiths in general, is that we don’t know them personally. We don’t talk with them, share lives with them, or at the very least pray for … Continue reading

When things go wrong, and things happen, and people suffer: why?

I am not a trained theologian, so what follows comes out of my reasoning and my plain reading of Scripture. You may have further comments or thoughts; hit reply to the email or post them as comments on the blog … Continue reading

in which I agree with Eddie on who can be a missionary

Eddie Arthur has hearkened back to an old post of mine and written an excellent piece himself: “What do words mean?” (which we could subtitle, “Are all Christians called to be missionaries?”). I want to hammer on his later point … Continue reading

Why the Unreached are Unreached: not just because people don't care

It’s important to remember one of the reasons the unreached are unreached is: they are difficult to reach. Access is a challenge. As an example, many people I know who work in one particularly populous South Asian nation have noted … Continue reading

More Simple Tactics for Mapping Cities

This week, I had a deep-dive interview about urbanization with DE, a leader in a large mission. One of the markers of a ‘strategic city’ he suggested: a significant diaspora community with links “back home” over which the Gospel could … Continue reading

Product/Market Fit: "Should I 'fit' the Gospel to my people?"

The idea of “product/market fit” is well known in business startup literature. Marc Andreessen was probably the first to use the phrase, saying “product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy the market.” In … Continue reading

Worship like you were in jail

I was recently at a small conference for movement leaders and practitioners held in a restricted access country. During one of the morning worship periods, our worship leader started by sharing how God had recently been leading her to prepare … Continue reading

"What speed of growth for a movement is too slow?"

  TL;DR Divide new members this month by total old members at start of month. Multiply by 100 to growth rate as a percentage. If >6%, you are probably at movement speed, will double in 18 months. If <6%, consider … Continue reading

"Lean Experiments leave Prayer out of the Equation"

In response to my recent posts regarding Lean Experiments (here and here), some of you wrote to ask what the role of prayer was in relation to this iterative model of experimenting with methods to find People of Peace. V commented, “The … Continue reading