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"How do I create Lean Experiments?"

Several people wrote in in response to last week’s post regarding Lean Experiments for finding People of Peace. All were essentially asking for more ideas about experiments to run, or how to create experiments. In this post, I’m briefly going … Continue reading

Missional Accounting

Every dollar spent by a church or other organization typically pays for some form of time spent in support of a program. I suggest a form of “missional accounting” which divides up the total hours expended by a church (or … Continue reading

"How do I find People of Peace?"

Q. I would be really interested on any research or any more details on the PoP particularly in Urban vs Rural contexts. We are in _______ now, although we are preparing for __________ to be in a more rural context … Continue reading

"Where persecution is worst."

We love to make lists of where things are best or worst, improving or worsening. Persecution and martyrdom is one of the things we measure. Measuring martyrs is the easier of the two, because in order to have a martyr someone has … Continue reading

"No Syrian refugees allowed in."

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, it was discovered that portions of the plot originated in Syria. The data are still confusing and unclear, but almost immediately came the fairly predictable response: calls to shut borders and halt the … Continue reading

"You can't plant churches any more."

You might expect that statement from a persecutor. In this particular case, it was a ministry leader speaking to a large number of church planters. A key movement trainer frequently tells this story; I heard it again just today. The … Continue reading

Belief is not Knowledge is not Obedience

Two of the critiques I have sometimes heard leveled at disciple-making movements: a) they add extra requirements (‘works’) to the Gospel b) without properly-trained teachers teaching what the text means, people will fall into heresy. The idea of a disciple-making movement is, however, thus: a) The … Continue reading

Boldness vs Danger: when risk is a bad thing

“Safety is not our priority,” David Platt has said. This is a fairly common refrain these days – the need for believers to be bold. While I think this is a good challenge, we must at the same time temper it … Continue reading

Clusters vs Peoples

The total number of people groups in the world varies by which list you are looking at. The number of groups that are unreached varies in the same way, depending on definitions. And trying to find a group to focus … Continue reading

Q. Should Churches send only to the unreached

Last Thursday I wrote that if you’re called to Italy you should Go to Italy. This was largely in response to an article on Upstream Collective about the dangers of focusing only on the unreached, as well as a personal … Continue reading