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Charts, 11

1. Potato cultivation, mapped. 2. Global conflicts, mapped. Bloomberg. Similar to my own map. 3. World’s congested human migration routes in 5 maps. National Geographic. 4. Flourishing Teams: a new infographic from GMI.

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Q. Is the USA in a better position to finance missionaries than ever before?

Q: Where does the present day USA church rank historically as far wealth/affluence regarding potential to finance missionaries, overseas ministry? (theory: never has a church had more opportunity to finance overseas ministry). I think about this when I get the … Continue reading

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Short term trips and the nations in our backyard

I have no problem with either short term trips or home missions. Short term can be an invaluable partner a long term strategy. It can also be an extremely useful filter, enabling people to get enough experience to decide if … Continue reading

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Jetlag; or, the prices we pay

I tap this on an airplane, riding a 16 hour flight in the middle of the night. I have slept next to none of it. For a variety of reasons. I have spent much of this trip fighting jet lag, … Continue reading

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It is too small a thing

The hairs on my head are numbered. But at the same time, I alone am too small a thing: God wants me, but more than me.  My family is too small: God wants them, yet more.  My friends and their … Continue reading

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Those who have been enslaved to something for a very long time will find it very difficult to imagine what  a life of freedom without that thing is like. Mind, freedom is undoubtedly something we all idealize and want. But … Continue reading

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God, glory, fame

Is spreading the glory of God all about making Him famous? Why do we want to do that? Are we appealing to His pride and vanity? If not, then what? What is your motivation?

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One of the columns I am working on in the District Survey is Festivals. When a province or a district has a festival or a pilgrimage site that draws people from other places it represents several things.  There is obviously … Continue reading

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Sometimes it doesn't pay to share

I’ve written a number of blog posts. Some I have shared too early. Fortunately it feels like these are a minority. One temptation we all have to fight is not to struggle so much for perfection that you never ship.  … Continue reading

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“He must decrease, so I must increase.” “He who saves his life will lose it, but he who loses…” “The first shall be last, the last shall be first…” “How you serve…” We ought to learn how to do a task well. … Continue reading

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