Futures, 11

  1. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia: driving an all-solar powered car across the continent.
  2. Drones: Insect-sized RoboBee robot can now fly and swim.
  3. Why household appliances were the 20th century’s most disruptive technologies.
  4. Robots that detect boredom in humans, work to regain attention.
  5. Could cosmic megastructures be intruders from another world? (New Scientist)
  6. Software, not hardware, now accounts for over half of all US IT spending: software is eating the world.
  7. This professor is making arteries with an off-the-shelf 3D printer.
  8. How wearables will revolutionize the workplace. How might they affect ministry?
  9. Remote Alaskan villages move from diesel to wind power.