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Go to Italy: or, the dangers of focusing only on the unreached

Yesterday, two things happened. And as a result I’m breaking my recent personal don’t-post-more-than-once-a-day rule. The first was this post, “The dangers of focusing only on the unreached.” I commented on the post, and Rodney Calfee responded to my reply. He notes, … Continue reading

The problem of access and finding Persons of Peace

Two of our kids have been involved in a community football program this year, and with football comes a bit of fundraising. The mechanism of choice for this community program is door-to-door raffle ticket sales. They did pretty good, but … Continue reading

To change the world

This morning I was struck by this quote I saw retweeted on Twitter: [The world] is constantly becoming, in contrast with God, who is an eternal and unchangeable being." II.429 — Herman Bavinck (@Herman__Bavinck) October 27, 2015 Theologically, we believe … Continue reading

Not wanting the end

I’ve had several conversations where this has been suggested: people don’t get involved in missions because they don’t really want the end. Of the world. We all know we will die one day, but we don’t look forward to it. … Continue reading

Quotes, 11

“We have to reframe evangelism within the context of discipleship” ~Alan Hirsch “Stumblers who give up are a dime a dozen. Stumblers who get up are priceless.” ~@chuckswindoll “When people say they’d like to be in your shoes, it’s usually … Continue reading

Futures, 11

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia: driving an all-solar powered car across the continent. Drones: Insect-sized RoboBee robot can now fly and swim. Why household appliances were the 20th century’s most disruptive technologies. Robots that detect boredom in humans, … Continue reading

Predicting the (religious) future

One part of my job is to attempt a forecast of the religious future in particular places and among particular peoples. As one might imagine, this is difficult. As indicated by the word forecast, the type of prediction that I … Continue reading

Not enough customers

Consider this tweet: Might not the same be said for Gospel work? We can have the greatest, most well-thought-out theology in the world. But if we aren’t seeing disciples made (and, ideally, disciples who make disciples who make disciples), the blessings … Continue reading

Life among the Unreached, 11

1. A picturesque village near Sana’a, Yemen, a country devastated by war. 2. Churches in Aceh burned, 1 killed. 3. Hope in Hard Places: Afghanistan. World Vision. 4. Syria: everything you need to know about how we got here. CNN. … Continue reading

What is "more open"?

How do we judge places that are “more” or “less” open? A few thoughts I have scribbled: Access: can I even get in? If not, can anyone get in? Who can get in? Can I reach them somehow? Can I somehow reach … Continue reading