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After the task is finished, Jesus will return

Finishing the Task will not bring Jesus back – in the sense that it will force him to return (or, inversely, not finishing the task will not keep Jesus away). I recognize that some interpret Matthew 24 very differently – as a … Continue reading

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Quotes, 8

1. “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald 2. “Loving God through hard times is one of the only ways to learn how to love God for who He is, not for what he provides.” … Continue reading

Without mobilization, we fail

When I teach Perspectives, I often use the analogy of telling my kids to clean the kitchen (or other chore rooms). We can talk about cleaning the kitchen. We can make lists of all the things that need to be cleaned. … Continue reading

Where the Church grows faster than the Population

(Click for larger image. If these are useful, please consider becoming a patron.)

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Why are we surprised by Ashley Madison?

There’s been a lot of ruckus about the Ashley Madison hack recently, and particularly about Christians caught up in it. Ed Stetzer has been writing a series of very good posts on the subject. I want to take a slightly … Continue reading

Futures Imagined, 8

1. Google’s self-driving cars will hit public streets this summer. Engadget. 2. Chinese unmanned factory replaces 600 humans with 60 robots. 3. 1 billion people used Facebook in a single day. 4. Paper Airplane Drones. 5. Charted: global life … Continue reading

Map: Where the church is growing fastest

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We don’t need a big global plan

Over the past 2,000 years, there have been more than 2,000 plans to evangelize the world. None have succeeded. Many have had deadlines which they spectacularly failed to meet. “We” (by which I mean mostly Westerners) love big global plans, … Continue reading

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Life among the unreached, 8

1. In Mali, hotel siege and village massacre highlight Islamist threat. CSM. 2. Child soldier no more. Roads & Kingdoms. Huge demobilization of child soldiers. 3. Beijing air pollution impact is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day. Economist. 4. Havana on … Continue reading

Map: Provincial Population Densities

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