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Futures Perceived, 5

1. “The automation myth: robots aren’t taking your jobs, and that’s the problem.” Vox. 2. “This computer vision company is tracking all the people moving through the cities.” Fast Company. 3. Google Translate’s app now instantly translates printed text in … Continue reading

Don't Judge Callings

A lot of activists (including me) can be very passionate about the need to reach the unreached. We talk strongly about the imbalance of missionary effort and the need to send more workers. We can blow a bit of hot … Continue reading

Life among the unreached, 5

1. “Afghanistan’s playgrounds.” Reuters Photoessay. 2. “What it means to be poor by global standards.” Pew Research. 3. “Boko Haram resurgence deepens humanitarian crisis in Niger.” Reuters. Also: Deadly bomb blasts rip through Nigerian bus stations. 4. “Cameroon says two … Continue reading

Q. Why are missionary numbers going down?

This request has come to me more than a few times this month. I have checked with my good friends in missionary research, Michael Jaffarian and Bert Hickman (researchers associated with Operation World and the World Christian Encyclopedia) to double-check my own … Continue reading

Closure Conundrums

I’ve been thinking about writing a book on the idea of closure. I’m outlining several of the ideas involved, and many of my recent posts have been exploring some of these ideas. Part of the reason I’m doing this: I … Continue reading

Closure is not a Biblical term

Nowhere in the Bible will you find the term “closure.” Nor will you find the phrase “finish the Great Commission.” Nor will you find the number “2%.” You will not find “unreached” or “unevangelized” or “unengaged.” Moreover, you will not … Continue reading

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Story Sets, 2

1. Storyrunners, which offers “Schools of Storying.” 2. Mark Snowden’s resources, particularly geared toward Storying in Western (esp. North American) contexts. 3. A Creation to Christ storyset on a bookmark: Some additional orality resources seen “Continuing conversations in orality and … Continue reading

Quotes, 4

1. “No one is so good that they don’t need the grace of the gospel, nor so bad that they can’t receive the grace of the gospel.” ~Tim Keller, Galatians for You, p. 28. 2. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make … Continue reading

What is the best length for a post?

I’ve wondered about the answer to this question myself. I’ve read plenty of studies that purport to tell what the best length of a blog post is: Here’s Buffer’s infographic and analysis. Here’s The Write Practice on different types of … Continue reading

Futures Perceived, 4

1. Self-driving cars: Detroit lawmakers back $10 million testing ground for self-driving vehicles: pushing their vision of the future forward. WSJ. Also Popular Science. “Trying to win the public’s trust with autonomous cars, at 120 MPH.” NYT. “Hackers remotely kill … Continue reading