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How I use a practical journal to define big rocks and focus

Several people have mentioned their need to find ways of being effective given their season of life and the time pinches they face. In this post, I’m going to describe in greater detail how I use a simple print journal … Continue reading

Fluid dynamics; or, water as a symbol of the spirit and the church

Water is frequently used in Scripture as a metaphor for religious things. In water systems, there are many elements: standing water: pools, ponds, lakes moving water: streams, rivers water that moves in vast quantities from one region to another: waterfalls … Continue reading

Stop trying to persuade everyone to be a missionary

Not everyone is a missionary. Ephesians 4 identifies roles in the church. My thoughts on roles: Pastors maintain existing bodies of believers. Demographic growth is incredibly important: when Christian exceeds 60% of the population, most growth will be demographic (believers who marry … Continue reading

Quotes, 1

1. “Beautiful obsession is the predecessor of greatness.” and “The obsessed survive and thrive.” Leadership Freak. 2. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams. 3. “When I give food to the poor, I … Continue reading

Platform, Proclamation, Planting are not the same thing

Don’t confuse platform, proclamation and planting. Everyone has a platform, by which they interact with the people around them. Everyone is responsible to proclaim: to be a witness for what they have seen, to announce good news, to make disciples. … Continue reading

Futures Perceived, 1

1. These 7 cities will be among the richest by 2025. CNN: Doha, Bergen, Trondheim, Asan, Rhine Rhur, Macau. Thus attracting diaspora, migrants, political power. 2. Asia’s fastest GDP growing cities, mostly in India, to 2019. 3. Ray Kurzweil’s predictions … Continue reading

Current trends may not continue

One of the key phrases in any scenario is, “it’s possible,” or “it’s likely,” or “if current trends continue.” Many scenarios of the future presently being bandied about project the decline of Christianity. They say, “if current trends continue, _x_ … Continue reading

Life among the Unreached: Nuba Mountains, Ladakh

1. A rain of bombs in the Nuba mountains. NYT. Beja, others. 2. Ladakh, atop the world. Roads & Kingdoms. Awesome photography. 3. Refugee: the story of one Afghan returnee’s struggle back home. Al Jazeera.

How I collect data and build community on social media

Dear Justin, How do you get all the great links and items that you post on social media? Are your lists open, where I can see who you follow? This was asked via Facebook, and I answered directly, then thought I’d post my social … Continue reading

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To reach all, find one person

One of the things that showed up in our survey was: how can we be more effective, given our season of life, or given the time crunch we face, etc? I’ve been facing this question a lot over the last … Continue reading