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The Holy Spirit (should be) driving

This morning, Eddie Arthur wrote “Who is driving,” a prophetic post (in the old sense of the prophet speaking truth to power sort of thing). He wrote in part: The problem is, that from where I’m sitting, many Western agencies are trying … Continue reading

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Exit ramps and extinction events

Small groups and Bible studies in Western churches tend to offer easy entry and exit points. Limited-run Bible studies (think Beth Moore studies), or 8-to-12 week study groups around a particular topic. These kinds of things are good for what … Continue reading

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A lot of people in my social media timelines have graduations in their families. They are posting pictures and offering congratulations and reminiscing about the day when the graduating senior was born. It’s a time for happiness. For our extended … Continue reading

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Simple vs. Complex Culture Crossing; or, we are not all missionaries

In a Facebook conversation the other day, Brian Considine asked, about the term missionary, Lots of stigma too. Maybe it is meant to become archaic since it is not a Biblical term? In a diaspora world, everyone could literally be a “missionary” … Continue reading

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Friday Futures: long-range iris scanning, personal drones follow you, more

The need for strategic foresight “Strategic foresight: a new horizon for innovation in ministry.” Derek Seipp, Lausanne Global Analysis 4:3 (March 2015) Toward 2025: 1960s: companies/computer 70s: computers/company 80s: /office 90s: /home 2000s: internet/home 10s: smartphones/person 20s: chips/garment @benedictevans Artificial … Continue reading

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The Southern Baptists, and how "limitless" can be limiting

One of David Platt’s (President, IMB) big passions at the IMB is “sending limitless missionaries.” As someone who believes we don’t have enough workers in the harvest, I appreciate this. I think sending more workers is a good thing. And I … Continue reading

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China Inland Mission owed its success to

Freedom to travel in inland China and full toleration to missionaries and Chinese Christians had been recently guaranteed by foreign treaties; for the Protestant world the four decades from 1865-1905 were a period of growing prosperity and comparative peace; there … Continue reading

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Those who are not optimized for growth have made the choice to surrender a transformative influence in society. At the same time, how big one grows depends on the overall aim. Each level of doubling may require an entirely different … Continue reading

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Is Christianity declining in America? Pew Research has once again posted what seems to be a bombshell: “America’s Changing Religious Landscape” says “Christians decline sharply as share of population, unaffiliated and other faiths continue to grow.” The tweeted takeaway: between … Continue reading

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A Short Answer: Are there enough workers in the harvest?

Dear Justin, We need to send more workers to the harvest. The fields are ripe, but we don’t have enough laborers in the field. We need to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send! Maybe we need to pray … Continue reading

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