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Don't believe the bad hype: Christianity is not declining

There have been a number of articles recently, derived off the Pew graph below, which suggest that Christianity is declining in total members. The Pew graph:   In response to this, Daniel Dennett (famous atheist) wrote this breathless piece in the Wall Street … Continue reading

Picking a church by where you can best serve

This sentiment is often expressed: ask not what your potential church can do for you, but which church you can best serve. Or something like that.  This is a notable and honorable sentiment. But in most instances in the West … Continue reading

Count of missionaries per city, or per country?

Dear Justin, Do you have counts of missionaries by city? Or by country? No one has counts of missionaries by city (or by province, for that matter). For one thing, security issues would make this almost impossible to gather (can you … Continue reading

The Global Church Growth Outlook, visualized

This morning I released the next edition of the Global Church Growth Outlook. You can subscribe ($4/month) and get the latest edition here: At the same time, GMI released its latest Missiographic, this one based on my work on the … Continue reading

The Global Church Growth Outlook

Subscribe to the Global Church Growth Outlook here. The task of finishing the Great Commission has long been a passion of mine. I have been a missionary researcher for more than two decades, now. In the course of that time, … Continue reading

Is everyone called to plant churches?

What do you mean by “plant churches”? Does “plant churches” mean incorporate as a 501(c)(3), buy/rent/build a building, organize services, manage advertising, recruit volunteer workers, establish policies and procedures, administer the offerings, get a good worship team, vet a good youth leader, worry … Continue reading

The greatest thing about succeeding

is that it tells you generally how not to fail. If all you do is fail, you will either (1) learn how to fail or (2) run out of experiments. Success can be replicated. So our goal, in experimenting, is … Continue reading

The biggest problem with our failures

Is that they often aren’t intentional. When you run an experiment and you don’t get the result you want, you might call that a failure. But it’s an instructive failure. You set up a test, you had specific measures, and you received a result–and … Continue reading

The importance of a vision and mission

Many organizations have vision and mission statements. These aren’t just “corporatese.” It’s important to have them, even down to the team and individual level. A simple way of looking at it is helpful. A vision statement defines and describes a problem you … Continue reading

An ekklesia for every person

What can be done to get to a church for every people will not necessarily get us to the Gospel for every person. The most obvious challenge to ‘the Gospel for every person’ is the roughly 93 million new children born to non-Christian … Continue reading