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Would closing the defection gap lead to more missionaries for the unreached?

Justin, One of the diagrams that you drew at the Perspectives class the other day showed the inputs and outputs of people into the kingdom as well as into unbelieving homes. It was a circle that had 3 layers: the … Continue reading

Forgotten seeds

The real test of an idea, a movement, a doctrine is–does it reproduce? Seeds that do not reproduce fall into the ground, die, and are forgotten.

The importance of discipling our homes

Here’s a very long range idea: some will simply disciple those in their home (i.e. children), while some will lead leaders of homes, and some will lead leaders of leaders of homes. If all an individual does is disciple those in his … Continue reading

Should we always be making disciples?

If at any given time in our life we are not making disciples, are we disobeying? I suppose there’s lots of different answers to that one. Mine is: not necessarily. Here’s why. At any given moment, a lot of people … Continue reading

Refugees, graphed

Refugees mapped: How many refugees are there: UNHCR Consolidated Report Refugee Populations, 1960-2009 Growth in refugee populations: Where do they come from: Where are they living now: Hosted over time: Infographic from Economist:

Why discipleship without reproduction is not Biblical discipleship

You’ve probably heard this phrase said, in some variation: “Discipleship without reproduction is not Biblical discipleship.” Why? Because in Matthew 28, Jesus said: “Go and make disciples… teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” The commands we are … Continue reading

Singles males vs Single females vs Couples in mission

Dear Justin, I remember seeing an email or tweet at some point from you looking for numbers from missions orgs in regards to single guys entering the field. Did you happen to publish any research on that? Or can you point … Continue reading

Missiographics 1.0

I’ve been following the Missiographics feed now for over a year, and in fact it inspired me to do some Global Diagrams of my own (and in some ways, it also inspired my once-a-week Outlooks and other posts). So, it … Continue reading

Why the differences in unevangelized and unreached population numbers

By Joshua Project’s numbers,there are 3,001,557,000 unreached individuals. By the Center for the Study of Global Christianity (@CSGC), there are 2,124,216,000 unevangelized individuals. While these two numbers are “similar” they are different by about 800 million people. Why the difference? As … Continue reading

The world as percentages

I always use this graph when I’m teaching Lesson 9 (“The Task Remaining”) of Perspectives.   It shows the world’s global population, divided up as percentages, for each year from 1900 through 2050 (2025 and 2050 are projections). This is based … Continue reading