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Is the 10/40 Window still urgent?

Dear Justin, We’ve heard about the 10/40 Window for 30+ years. Is it still as urgent that we go to the 10/40 Window? Joshua Project has an excellent description of what, precisely, the “10/40 Window” is. It began in the … Continue reading

How to finish the task: three key ideas for churches to achieve closure

How can we finish the task? What is the role of the church? How can churches and agencies better work together? These three questions are more intertwined than we might at first think. I want to suggest three simple ideas … Continue reading

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Data on nominal Christianity vs. people following Jesus?

Dear Justin, Where is the best place to source data on nominal Christianity versus people following Jesus? The whole question of nominalism, apathy, and “true believers” is a difficult one to try and figure out, for a simple reason: only … Continue reading

How many missionaries are sent out from Latin America?

Dear @justindlong, how many missionaries from Latin America are currently serving as missionaries in other countries? (esp. in the Muslim world) This is an interesting question, to which I do not have “very good” answers. I’m posting this on the … Continue reading

Think Tank 7, the 86% statistic

Researchers estimate 86% of non-Christians do not know a believer. The number may be even higher. In this Think Tank, Dr. Todd Johnson with the Center for the Study of Global Research discusses how Christians are counted, how the 86% … Continue reading

When are we going to finish this thing?

Dear Justin, When are we going to finish this thing? A. By current trends, we aren’t! First, the question implies  the task of the Great Commission can be finished. This is the missiological concept of “closure.” Not everyone agrees it can … Continue reading

How many short-term missionaries are sent from the USA?

Dear Justin, do you know any sources for figures on short-term missionaries going from the US to various countries? In particular, to Haiti? A. It depends on how one defines “short-term missionary,” of course. The Mission Handbook, 2001-2003 edition, defined one … Continue reading

How many Christians are among the American expatriates working abroad

Dear Justin, Have you read anything recently that estimated the # of Christian American Expats working abroad? Not missionaries, just people working but just so happen to be Christians? No. I haven’t. I don’t think it can be readily figured out, … Continue reading