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4 problems with the idea of the Gospel as a "right", and 1 major problem with spiritual riches

I saw again the now-famous quote: No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once. – Oswald J. Smith — Micah Fries (@micahfries) December 29, 2014 I can generally … Continue reading

20 Resources I Regularly Use, updated for 2015

Now, updated for 2015. 0. Gmail: all of my email comes here. Can’t beat its anti-spam and virus protection. After nearly a decade, Gmail is still my go-to spot, and retains the top slot on the 2013 list. 1. Evercontact: This is … Continue reading

8 Startup Myths (or, 8 Church Planting Myths)

In “From Stanford to Startup,” the creators of the iPhone app Instagram discuss 8 startup myths. Instagram is used by 4 million people to share 6 photos per second. Here are the myths and some takeaways for church planting ministries. … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming

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Scope vs Intensity of Persecution

There is an old saying that “more Christians were killed in the 20th century than in all the previous centuries combined” (see here, here, and here for examples of how this statistic is used). This has often been used as a simplistic attention-grabbing headline, … Continue reading

The Long Scale of Missionary Involvement

Because many people seem to have a question about whether they are a missionary or not, I offer the “Long Scale of Missionary Involvement.” Using this scale, you can define precisely just how missionary you are. L-0: missionary to my … Continue reading

Mission Force Distribution: Clumping at the Crossroads

Sometimes we get the stereotype that agencies are all about planting “flags” in various countries. However, I’ve gone back through several sources of mission agency deployment statistics: old copies of Operation World, old copies of the MARC Mission Handbook, and … Continue reading

18 things that kill Pioneer Missions

Adapted from “Startup mistakes,” cross-pollinated and applied to mission. “one mistake that kills startups: not making something users want.” We all need the Gospel. We don’t all want the Gospel. We therefore have to present the Gospel in a way … Continue reading

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Can we, should we, worship alone?

I ran across this interesting infographic and blog post today. (source link): The post suggests that these ideas are bad, and representative of a rugged individualism that ignores community. Ignoring community isn’t good, I agree. But are the principles highlighted … Continue reading

Inherit the Nations: a year of united prayer for 50 unreached people groups

A new prayer campaign: for one year, prayer communities and intercessors are asked to adopt a specific unreached people group for weekly prayer. Through a partnership with the US Center for World Mission, you’ll receive a special Christmas Package that contains your … Continue reading