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Questions to ask about your area

1. What is the total population (even in rounded thousands)? 2. What is the annual growth rate? How many people are added each year, week, day? 3. How many believers are there, of all types? What’s the breakdown by tradition? … Continue reading


Generally in order although some may be a bit random: 1. I know God. I do not have to sacrifice to idols, live in fear of spirits, or wonder if God exists. 2. I am married to a wonderful woman, … Continue reading

The problem with International Development

Hobbes, Michael. “Stop trying to save the world: big ideas are destroying international development.” New Republic, 17 November 2014. A long and detailed read on some of the complexities of international development and aid.

To get exponential growth, you must be an exponent

It’s not an easy being an exponent: a typically small number (usually just a 2 or a 3) printed in a small, hard-to-read font shoved up and out of the path of the bigger numbers just part of a mathematical … Continue reading

Can we use "Allah" ?

The idea of using “Allah” as the word for God is controversial in some Christian circles. It’s also controversial in some Muslim circles, as believers in Malaysia can attest. But for me, I think that we can use Allah as … Continue reading

Passing over

It is chilling to think how air travel has empowered connection with places and peoples we want to get to while at the same time enabling us to leap right over places and peoples we have no wish to visit. … Continue reading


You’ve undoubtedly heard the old line about how if each believer won one person to Christ each year (or month, or whatever) within a short time the whole world would be saved. Why does this approach never work? Because of … Continue reading


Should we invite our unsaved neighbors to come to church? Should we encourage unsaved neighbors to read the Bible and try to obey it? Should we encourage them to read the bible with their families? With their friends? With their … Continue reading


FROM personal destiny TO joining the mission of God FROM individual performance TO community participation FROM single headship TO plurality of elders FROM come and see TO go and tell FROM gift-centered TO Christ-centered FROM success by numbers TO priority … Continue reading

Powers, wrestled with

Ephesians 6, structures that we struggle against: Powerlessness: blindness, apathy, satisfaction, worldliness, things that neutralize power & activity. Prisons: bondages that lock you in Patterns of behavior that use you as fuel for cycles of relational damage, where people give and … Continue reading