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Diaspora Scale

Diaspora Scale: +0 little migration or tourism, expats often “strange” and “unusual” +1 Some local tourism, resorts, vacations, occasional foreign tourism +2 Much foreign tourism, semi-permanent internal migrants seeking work +3 Major border-country/regional traffic hub, diasporas often seen +4 International … Continue reading

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7 Questions Every Business Must Answer

From Peter Thiel’s “Zero to 1,” chapter 13: “Technology”: a new way of doing things, the application of knowledge to practical purposes 1. Engineering: can you create breakthrough technology, not incremental? 2. Timing: is now the right time to start … Continue reading

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Humans Need Not Apply

For contrast, see Kevin Kelly’s, “Robots will take our jobs” in Wired. Websites with self-building smartness: “AI Websites that design themselves” via

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Early Adopters

I have often compared pioneer missionary efforts with business startups. In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries defines a startup not as a company designed to make and sell things, but rather “a human institution designed to create new products and … Continue reading

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