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Pandemics and Multiplication

Tufekci, Zeynep. “Ebola: the real reason everyone should panic.” Medium. A very useful exploration of the power of exponential growth. While in the context of pandemic diseases, there are many applications to other viral movements (including CPMs).

Perilously Positive

“The problem with positive thinking.” New York Times, 24 October 2014. Positive dreaming about the future saps you of the energy to make the necessary changes. Mental contrasting is a better approach.

The ideal length of everything online

“The Internet is a zoo” infographic.

Monetizing Halloween

Costumes, candy, decoration sales: $7.4 billion Pet costumes: $350 million (fastest growing category, up 59% since 2010) Candy: $2.2 billion Average alcohol consumption rises 30% when it falls on Friday or Saturday Adult costumes: $1.3 billion Kid costumes: $1.06 billion … Continue reading

Bibliography, Iran

Special report: “The revolution is over.” Economist, Nov. 2014.

Perhaps the question is not how long it takes to disciple someone to maturity, but rather how long it takes to get someone on the path to following Jesus. Only Jesus can fully disciple someone. Are we ever fully mature?

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Children who become Christian

For an article, I’m working on tracking down this “71% Christians got saved young” figure to understand it better. Looking for the original source. Wikipedia post on Child evangelism movement pointed me to: “The Great Commission to reach a new generation,” … Continue reading

Divorce rate in America

Link because I frequently get visitors coming from this Google Search: the divorce rate in America is not 50%. See Shaunti Feldhahn’s research on this.

Strategic Questions

Considering a number of strategic questions to cover in 2015. These are the sorts of questions a team needs to ask/investigate in order to really know the area they are focused on – the opportunities and challenges. What I have … Continue reading

Global Cities: Present and Future 2014 Report

Global Cities, Present and Future 2014 Global Cities index and emerging cities outlook A. T. Kearney, downloadable PDF, iPad, Kindle. Important report. But the PDF is only a downloadable summary; it does not include the individual indicators per city. Top … Continue reading

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