Roundup #172
August 16, 2019

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New on the Blog

8/13 - Where 2 or 3 are suspect

8/14 - The probability of doubling baptisms

New Events

North-West Africa

Algeria: 25 weeks of protests and counting - Link

Egypt / Sudan

Coptic Solidarity releases comprehensive report examining the persecution of religious minorities in Egypt - Link

Can Egypt’s new marriage e-registry curb child marriage? Link
… “also prevent Muslim men from marrying more than 4 wives and bigamy for Christians”

Western Africa / Lake Chad

“UN warns of spike in grave violations against children in Mali as ’new normal’” Link


Child veterans are still living a nightmare - Link
… “the war against Boko Haram saw kids drafted by both sides. Now they need assistance and a post-conflict future."

Ethiopia / Horn / East Africa

Ethiopia’s economy is booming, but at what cost? Link
… “A dam built with Chinese money stopped the Omo River from flooding, altering the lives of more than half a million people who depended on the annual floods”

Ethiopia launches plan to end child marriage and FGM - Link

Middle Africa / Lakes

Ebola crisis accelerating, kills 500 children in DR Congo…” - Link
“A cure for Ebola?” Link

Central Asia / Caucasus

Kazakhstan welcomes women back from the Islamic State, warily - Link

Turkmenistan: inside Central Asia’s Hermit Kingdom - Link
… “These photos from 2012, some shown for the first time, capture the spookiness and the spectacle of one of the world’s most-closed countries.”

Saudi / Israel / Lebanon / Syria / Gulf

Pictures from the 2019 hajj pilgrimage - Link
… and watch the Prayercast video on the hajj - Link

Syria: “northwest region… home to 3 million… under almost daily bombardment” - Link Captured ISIS fighters in Syria get short sentences and art therapy - Link

Yemen risks partition after separatist power grab - Link


Basra church restored, but few Christians left to worship there - Link

Iran’s minority regions bear the brunt of climate change - Link
… “flash-flooding… earthquakes… natural disasters… sluggish government…"

Afghanistan / Pakistan / Pashto

“Can peace talks end the war in Afghanistan?” Link
“No deal yet, but Trump moves to pull troops” - Link
“A decade in the making: US-Taliban peace deal appears within reach” - Link
“Negotiators to brief leaders on details as Qatar talks end” - Link

But: “The Institute for the Study of War has observed indicators that Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara leaders are taking steps to mobilize their ethnic communities in preparation for a looming power struggle as the U.S. and NATO leave Afghanistan. Afghan Pashtuns will also soon likely mobilize, if they have not already begun.” Just because a peace treaty is signed doesn’t mean an end to internal fighting in the nation. Link

Poor people’s Eid: how Kabul IDPs welcomed Muslim celebration - Link

Boys with Brides: Afghanistan’s untold dilemma of underage marriage - Link

“I know how to use a gun”: children living in Afghanistan’s frontline (in pics) - Link

"Hazaras in Balochistan live in fear of violence, ignored by the state” - Link

How Pakistan's media is being silenced - Link


8/10 India to bring supplies to Kashmir, Pakistan to go to UN - Link
8/12 “With pens, paper and motorcycles, journalists chronicle Kashmir crackdown” - Link
8/12 “Troops let Muslims go to mosque” [for Eid] - Link
8/13 Another side: Kashmiri Hindus dream of going home - Link
8/13 American Kashmiris organize to put a human face on crisis - Link
8/15 Modi delivers speech hailing Kashmir changes - Link
8/15 India shut down Kashmir’s Internet. “Now, we cannot do anything.” Link
8/15 “Modi clamps down on Kashmir, and India loves him for it” - Link

India Church’s “Black Day” of protests for the persecution of Dalit Christians, Muslims - Link


Hong Kong
8/11 “Cracking down: police firing tear gas and rubber bullets for weeks….” Quartz
8/12 “…hundreds of flights cancelled as HK airport flooded by protestors…” NYT
8/12 “HK protesters effectively forced the airport to shut down” - Quartz
8/12 Analysis: situation worsened, “terrorism” being bandied about - Sinocism
8/12 “Protests put HK on collision course with Party” - NYT
… “each side is staking out increasingly polarized positions”
8/13 What China’s laws say about when it can intervene - NPR
… “military action must be requested by Hong Kong”
8/13 An imprisoned activists make their voices heard? HongKongFP
… “the people w/experience, moral authority… to defuse the situation... are in jail”
8/14 China state media presents its own version of HK protests - NPR
… when you control the media and can censor all opposing reports ...
8/14 Airport attacks trigger nationalist frenzy on mainland - SCMP
8/14 Protesters apologize for airport: ‘frightened, angry, exhausted’ - Guardian
8/14 Satellite photos show armored vehicles on border with HK - Guardian
… “paramilitary police carriers parked in Shenzhen sports stadium … across the border"
8/15 "police fire tear gas at Hungry Ghosts" - AsiaTimes
8/15 "Should ... deteriorate further… central govt will not sit on its hands & watch…” AsiaTimes

‘I don’t’ - why China’s Millennials are saying ’no’ to marriage - Link

‘One Child Nation’ documentary explores the dark side of Chinese policy - Link

Southeast Asia

Buddhists being persecuted in Vietnam - Link

Notable Europe / Americas

What to expect from Moscow protests this Saturday - Link

New Data

Where per capita student debt is largest - Link
… if you recruit in these states, you’re probably going to be impacted by this trend

It’s not just the religious being harassed; unaffiliated/agnostics are, too - Link

Global Firepower’s 2019 world military strength rankings - Link

Trailer for “Jesus: the Game Changer—to the Ends of the Earth” documentary - Link

Visualizing a century of global fertility and the sea change in it - Link
… fertility drives demographics which drive lots of strategies including mission ...

Longer reads

Christians in the Mirror film about persecution - Link

Ed Stetzer. “The great century of missions ended over a century ago: will our age be the great century of omission?" Link

How mosquitoes changed everything: killed more humans than anything else - Link

Saharan Journal wants to be a “one-stop shop” for immigrant news in Minnesota, USA - Link

“African, Korean missionaries look to reconvert America, Europe” - Link


A 2019 survey of ’the best VPN service’, important for restricted access areas - Link

“Software, the tough tomato, and the great wierdening of the world” - Link
… "we make tools so they accommodate the world; until the world remolds itself so it accommodates our tools."
… how are the tools we have made/are making causing the Christian world to remold itself?

Meet the Christians conquering TikTok, 15 seconds at a time - Link

1/3 of Russians get their news from web sources - Link

Amazon developing high-tech surveillance tools for eager customer - Link
… says its facial recognition system can now recognize fear - Link

Huawei helped African governments spy on political opponents - Link
Chinese surveillance tech popular among Central Asia’s governments - Link

This video op/ed argues that ‘deep fakes’ are not new (there were ‘shallow fakes’ for a long time), and the hype over deepfakes can in some ways be more dangerous than deep fakes themselves, because it enables anything to be dismissed as “fake” - Link

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