Most of my Resouces are in the Patron Dropbox Vault. Patrons have access to them; you can become a Patron of Missions Research with a gift of $100 or more in a year. This page lists some of my resources which are freely available all the time. New resources will be introduced from time to time and made available through Gumroad.

Reports and Forecasts
How likely is the North Korean government to fall?
The future of Somalia
How likely is a disastrous earthquake in 2016?

Key Articles
What will it take to make a difference?

Purposeful Social Media: 5 modules, 19 lessons in all.

Think Tanks: hour-long topical talks 
On Callings: Pete Errington
On Mobilization, Bryan Padgett
On CPM Coaching, Paul Watson
On the Shoal Creek “proto-Movement”, Roy Moran
On member health, John Splinter
On prayer strategists, Liz Adleta.
86% of Muslims, Buddhists & Hindus do not know a Christian, with Dr. Todd Johnson

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