Dailies, 2016

01/04 How likely is a disastrous earthquake in 2016?
01/05 The role of disruption in the start of movements
01/06 People as the Minimum Viable Product
01/07 Harnessing tech & social media to propel Christian missions
01/11 What we need: more workers
01/12 Closure: don't rush it
01/13 Can I be a missionary?
01/18 How likely is the North Korean government to fall
01/19 The reality that few are interested
01/20 Movements: the important power to seep
01/21 Candidates: don't put missionaries on pedestals
01/25 Black Swans: why movements must prepare for them
01/26 The marks of a good candidate
01/27 The "democratization" and "amateurization" of mission
01/28 How do I know I'm called?

02/01 The likely future of Somalia: stabilizing but still dangerous
02/02 Networking recommenders: missionary magnets, candidate curators
02/04 Missionaries must be learners: kinds of learning
02/08 Mission Meetups: getting started
02/09 Sola Scriptura: is the Bible alone enough?
02/10 Calling vs Surrender: should I just tell an agency to send me wherever?
02/11 Tool-makers, tool users
02/12 Dependency
02/13 Pastoral care from small groups
02/14 Can I be involved in mission if I'm not on the field?
02/15 Wealth can make, break or take
02/16 The cost of the difference
02/17 Defying the odds
02/18 The end of the task is getting further away
02/19 The future of Afghanistan
02/20 The dangers of creativity
02/21 Nexus and edge hub people as missionary candidate recommenders
02/22 Are there too many denominations?
02/23 Discipling households vs individuals: a key shift
02/24 Why we serve
02/25 If they are coming here, why bother going there?
02/26 Other peoples' eyes
02/28 An extra day
02/29 Status of Global Mission 2016

03/01 People of Peace who open their networks to the mission idea
03/02 If not you
03/03 Why some should hear twice when some haven't heard once
03/04 Realistic date projections
03/05 The importance of automation
03/06 Airplane mode
03/07 Faith, trust and hope in the parenthesis
03/08 Power
03/09 Growth for growth's sake
03/10 The dark side of a call
03/11 Power conferred
03/12 Busyness
03/13 Continuous training
03/14 Africa and casual communication
03/16 Wealth is
03/23 Protection and the hand of God
03/30 Fishers, fishing and analogies

04/01 Country categories
04/02 Annual growth rates: aging, literates and total population
04/03 Unreached, non-Christians and friendship
04/04 Imperfect disciples
04/08 Relationships before location
04/11 Regression to the mean
04/12 Is the 10/40 Window still a valid mobilization tool?
04/13 The role of persecution in movements
04/15 Discovering vs Shaping candidates
04/16 The most probable 2016 of Syria: a stalemate of death
04/17 Don't do it for them
04/18 The strategic value of mapping people to places
04/24 When will the world be over half evangelical?
04/25 Might mobilizers make good missionaries?

05/02 Only 400 people groups--or 2.9 billion people?
05/07 If you are the average of the 5 people you associate with most
05/08 The future of urbanization
05/10 Measuring reachedness by measuring who is reaching out
05/16 Population concentrations mapped by density
05/18 Mapping churches globally: a better way
05/23 Thresholds of reachedness: measuring them, and our speed in reaching them

06/07 Less sensitive scales
06/10 Are the swelling ranks of short-termers actually a bad thing?
08/18 Cultural Christianity
08/19 Christian spycraft

08/22 Building disciple-making capacity in local churches
08/28 Strong v Weak Friendships
08/29 Mission disruption
08/30 Mission disruption, 2
08/31 Revisiting marriage in heaven

09/01 Mission disruption, 3
09/02 When to struggle through, when to quit/liberate
09/03 And then the end will come
09/08 The demography of Islam: is it being hollowed out by falling birth rates?
09/09 People, more than peoples
09/10 Liberation

10/04 Can the task be finished?
10/27 The power of distant social connections
10/28 Connections and Connectedness
10/29 Doing the impossible
10/30 Societies vs Agencies
10/31 Strategy: Ethne vs Geo

11/01 The influence of our information sources on our worldview
11/02 How common are missionary candidates in a population, and how many might we send?
11/03 Apples, oranges and categories of time: how to value one action over another
11/04 Review: Innovation in World Mission
11/05 We would like
11/06 Less than 10% Christian
11/07 Simultaneous = Synonymous = Speed
11/08 Asians as % of the world, and Asian Christianity
11/09 Inspire
11/15 Reachedness and situations of need
11/18 Short-term, Long-term, expats, nationals and the e-Scale
11/19 More money on dog food
11/20 Missional Labor Clouds
11/22 The purpose of peoples lists
11/24 Collecting holidays
11/25 The importance of "done"
11/28 When to listen, and when to mute
11/29 The price of fear
11/30 Adjust behavior accordingly

12/01 What makes DBS powerful
12/02 Exponential growth isn't imperceptible
12/05 Is Islam growing faster than Christianity?
12/06 Family along the way
12/13 The nuances of the unreached definition
12/14 Bearing fruit too late
12/19 Wartime lifestyle
12/20 Faithful witness vs pioneering
12/21 Redeeming the time
12/22 Wrestling with the mystery
12/24 Holding our breath
12/25 Incarnation
12/28 Movements and training

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