November 16
"You can't plant churches any more."

You might expect that statement from a persecutor.In this particular case, it was a ministry leader speaking to a large number of church planters. A key movement trainer frequently tells this story; I heard it again just today. The problem: many churches were being planted - but not enough.Continuing to plant churches one-by-one meant not reaching the current generation (or, really, future generations). Multiplication was required. So, the leadership of the ministry told the church planters in their network: "You can't plant churches any more." "You have to help your people - the ones in the churches you have started - to go out and start new groups themselves." About half of the leaders in this particular network ended up saying - "No. We plant churches. That's what we're called to do." They left. The ones that remained began working on the task, and today there is a vast, multiplying movement as a result. The question articulated is "not what I can do" but "what needs to be done." As evidenced by the situation, it's a challenging question to answer. Not everyone will say "yes" to the vision. It's not always what God has called them to. But sometimes--perhaps often--the hard task of stopping something, and helping someone else do what we have done, and perhaps do it better - for them to increase, and us to decrease - is the challenge we must meet.