Dailies, 2015

01/06 Margin
01/07 70% solutions
01/08 Disengagement
01/11 Making God famous
01/21 Movements
01/22 Margin

02/02 How many short-term missionaries are sent from the USA?
02/03 How many Christians are among the American expatriates working abroad?
02/05 When are we going to finish this thing?
02/10 How many missionaries are sent out from Latin America?
02/11 Data on nominal Christianity vs people following Jesus?
02/12 How to finish the task: 3 key ideas for churches to achieve closure
02/24 Is the 10/40 Window still urgent?

03/07 More time
03/09 You don't need the little blue dot
03/11 Hugely successful annual events can be very, very bad for the long-term goal
03/16 Are diaspora in (whatever place) reached or unreached?
03/23 The world as percentages
03/24 On the differences in unevangelized & unreached population numbers
03/26 Single men in missions
03/27 Discipleship without reproduction is not Biblical discipleship
03/28 Discipleship without reproduction, 2
03/31 Global religious dynamics

04/02 When people group thinking can fail: Jesus wants the whole pie
04/06 What I think we must do to count the task finished
04/08 Are Muslims the fastest growing religion, and why?
04/09 Doubles
04/16 The Rule of 72
04/19 When we have to tear apart the boxes we are standing on
04/22 An ekklesia for every person
04/23 The importance of vision and mission
04/24 The biggest problem with our failures
04/25 The greatest thing about succeeding
04/26 What do you mean by planting churches?
04/28 Missionary counts by country?
04/29 Picking a church by where you can best serve

05/03 Evangelists, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders: business terms, or church terms?
05/04 The Fine Print on Pew Research numbers: no converts projected in China, India
05/05 How should Christians interact with Muslims?
05/06 Pride goeth before a fall: focusing on the least of the least reached
05/07 Why knowing too much can cost those who know nothing at all everything
05/08 What kind of person are you recruiting?
05/09 Is the very best missionary not a missionary at all?
05/10 Acting like a missionary does not make you one, but not all missionaries are good ones.
05/11 A Short Answer: Are there enough workers in the harvest?
05/12 More: those pesky Pew Research numbers on declining Christianity in America
05/13 Doubling
05/15 "Limitless" can be limiting
05/16 Simple vs. Complex Culture Crossing; or, we are not all missionaries
05/18 Graduations
05/19 Exit ramps and extinction events
05/20 The Holy Spirit (should be) driving
05/21 Green grass and tornado chasers
05/22 Misunderstood, unappreciated
05/23 When we disagree about church (or anything)
05/24 Not every disciple will make disciples
05/25 Field Lessons Learned: Max Group Size, Max Movement Size, Leaving Soon
05/26 People of Peace are not just the spiritually open
05/27 Focusing in on a specific problem
05/28 Of emergent systems and transformation
05/29 If I tweet with the tongues of men or of angels
05/30 Philippians 4:13 doesn't mean I can do anything I want
05/31 Believers, non-believers, sex, marriage, cohabiting, and how we engage with the world

06/01 Moving out, or moving in? The price to be paid to be a blessing
06/02 Antifragile
06/03 Death stories: four stories the world tells about death, and one hellishly simple rationalization
06/04 Antifragile
06/05 Your part
06/06 Gospel flows
06/07 Preparing for non-Christian religions is more critical than preparing for agnostics/atheists
06/08 Quantity of workers is a vanity metric
06/09 In 4 years
06/10 The final 2,000 people groups?
06/11 Why God gives us money
06/12 Kinds of futures: should vs will
06/13 Converts vs Disciples
06/14 A church is not a random sampling of the place it is in
06/15 Closure
06/16 Closure, 2
06/17 The bigger they are
06/18 Q. How fast are Iranians worldwide coming to Christ?
06/19 Avoiding the twin idols of long-term presence, short-term engagement
06/20 Movies and short-term missions: the temptation to too easy closure
06/21 Purity and holiness maintained vs Gospel messiness
06/22 Seasons of Transition
06/23 What gets measured
06/24 To reach all, find one person
06/26 Current trends may not continue
06/27 Platform, Proclamation, Planting are not the same thing
06/28 Stop trying to persuade everyone to be a missionary
06/29 Fluid dynamics; or, water as a symbol of the spirit and the church

07/01 Understanding someone requires conversation, not polls
07/02 The Time Sink of Social Media
07/03 Practically and technically getting stories from the field
07/04 America
07/05 We don't need better people group lists
07/07 On marriage and divorce in the United States, graphed, over 144 years
07/07 Foreign vs Indigenous Missions
07/08 Knoxian Champions
07/09 A team of 1
07/10 Why should missionaries be sent to Europe?
07/11 Tools I regularly use
07/12 How 10% can shape a broader community
07/13 Islam has the largest number of under-30 believers in China?
07/14 Church, defined
07/15 Frequently posed complaints over people group theory
07/16 Worldview differences between generations of immigrants
07/17 You will never get all of the people
07/18 Should we stop all immigration of Muslims to the United States?
07/19 What doesn't make you stronger might just kill you
07/20 Movements = Growth
07/21 Three Challenges for Finances and Fundraising
07/22 The average attention span of a human?
07/23 What is the population of unreached people and the number of people groups in India?
07/24 Dunbar's Number and networks, movements, mobilization
07/25 Making a difference through social media
07/26 Good, Bad, Non, Anti Christians and missions
07/27 Closure is not a Biblical term
07/28 Closure Conundrums
07/29 Why are missionary numbers going down
07/30 Respect the calling

08/01 The question we don't ask about discipleship
08/02 How to change paradigms of church and discipleship
08/03 Finishing the Task does not mean everyone will believe
08/04 How do you get current information on progress in a particular UPG?
08/06 How do you count the number of UPGs?
08/07 Accuracy of unreached peoples numbers
08/10 Finishing the Task does mean everyone will be able to hear
08/11 Geography, Ethnography and Missions: how to select and engage a place and its peoples
08/12 Why we should reduce qualification requirements to build a quality movement
08/13 How does climate (weather) and placement of a cross-cultural worker relate?
08/14 Answering 5 questions we'd rather not answer
08/15 Church as...
08/16 Does discipling the nations mean each individual nation or all the nations, generally?
08/17 Don't fling seed without a thought for harvesting
08/18 Too many mission agencies?
08/19 Mobilizing is getting into someone's head
08/20 Should Beyond exist?
08/24 Finishing the Task will not bring Jesus back
08/25 More about agencies, churches, and when a church is a church
08/26 The task requires discipleship, which requires time
08/27 We don't need a global plan
08/29 Without mobilization, we fail
08/31 After the task is finished, Jesus will return

09/01 Christianity, misperceived
09/04 Movements make movements: the strategic importance of doubling time
09/08 Its not that we have failed to finish the task: we have failed to get started
09/09 Now and not yet
09/14 Limiters on the spread of the Gospel
09/17 Just because the end is coming
09/18 Relationships and blessings
09/19 When the church is a building
09/20 Matchmakers and church growth
09/21 Mapping the City
09/22 Do you have to reach them all?
09/24 Money and people
09/25 If the world will not end this year, then
09/26 Two lists of Five types of people necessary for movements
09/28 Estimating movement size
09/29 Teaching everything commanded vs teaching to obey
09/30 Urbanization and the least-reached

10/01 The hardest parts about beginning
10/02 That will never happen
10/03 Funding missions
10/05 Love vs In Love
10/06 Churn vs disbursement
10/07 Decrease
10/08 Sometimes it doesn't pay to share
10/09 Festivals
10/10 God, glory, fame
10/11 Freedom
10/12 It is too small a thing
10/13 Coffins vs Exit Strategies
10/14 Short term trips and the nations in our backyard
10/15 Jetlag; or, the prices we pay
10/18 Is the USA in a better position to finance missionaries than ever before?
10/21 What is "more open"?
10/22 Not enough customers
10/23 Predicting the (religious) future
10/26 Not wanting the end
10/27 To change the world
10/28 Fundraising
10/29 The dangers of focusing only on unreached peoples?

11/02 Should Churches send only to the unreached
11/09 Clusters vs Peoples
11/11 Boldness vs Danger: when risk is a bad thing
11/12 Belief is not Knowledge is not Obedience
11/16 "You can't plant churches any more."
11/17 "No Syrian refugees allowed in."
11/18 "Where persecution is worst."
11/23 "How do I find People of Peace?"
11/24 Missional accounting
11/30 How do I create lean experiments?

12/01 "What speed of growth for a movement is too slow?"
12/02 Worshipping as if we were in jail
12/03 "Lean Experiments leave Prayer out of the Equation"
12/07 Product/Market fit: "Should I fit the Gospel to my people?"
12/08 More Simple Tactics for Mapping Cities
12/10 Why the Unreached are Unreached: not just because people don't care
12/11 in which I agree with Eddie on who can be a missionary
12/15 Prayer for a Refugee
12/16 When things go wrong, and things happen, and people suffer: why?

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