About 2 billion people live in the following provinces, and represent the majority of the remaining task. The map is measured as the provinces with the most people, that also have the highest % professing non-Christian (e.g. they are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc). Reach the Top 40, Change the World. (Other provinces likewise have large numbers of unreached. See the methodology notes at bottom.)

Note: clicking the image should lead to a high resolution version. If you’d prefer it in some other format, drop me a line at justinlong@gmail.com.

40 Least Reached Places Map

14 thoughts on “Top 40 Least Reached Places, mapped

  1. Where on your site can we get specific information about a certain people group noted (looking at Istanbul – Turks, minorities)?

      1. That Turkey is left out shows the flaw on that map. Would you expect a country included where Evangelicals make up 0.02%? You should think, but it is off the list as well. I talk about Montenegro

        1. The map is provinces not countries. Istanbul is on the list. The map is ranked by population first not % Christian and most provinces in turkey are small populations compared to these. That’s why. Note absence of Saudi and Afghanistan as well for same reasons.

    1. Heavily unreached, but small population. This list is ranked first by population, then by % Christian, to indicate where the greatest number of unreached people are.

    1. The nation is of course heavily unevangelized and very non-Christian. However, this particular list is broken out by provinces. North Korea as a whole country has a population of just 25 million. It is broken into 11 provinces, most of which average about 1 to 2 million people. Pyongyang is the exception, with about 7 million. So it doesn’t appear on this map simply because the individual provinces are, by comparison with those on this list, fairly small tasks. (But let us remember small birds, wildflowers, and the hairs on our head are all fully in view of God’s eyes, and constantly watched over.)

  2. One thing this map doesn’t consider is the geographic size of the province. If you include the 75% of the sub-districts in Thailand that have no church there over 38 million people living in these areas (62% of the people of Thailand). These 5,075 sub districts combined are smaller in geographic area than some of the provinces listed on this map.

    1. That’s very true. Are the subdistricts (mostly) adjoining?

      There are several followup maps I would love to do. One is a district level map (similar to this), maybe with populations > 100,000 and % Christian < 1% (or < 0.1%, or some graduated scale). Another map I want to do is to cross-relate population with % Christian in all provinces. Another that occurs to me is to look at density of Christians per square kilometer. Right now I've been doing a massive re-coding process of the id codes for all provinces & districts in my data set to make it easier to map (it's somewhat easy to select 40 provinces on a map, a little harder to do graduated scales of 1,000+ provinces by hand)

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